Saturday, November 17, 2007

Looking forward to X'mas!


It's time for me to start my annual countdown!

What am I talking about?

It's getting close to Christmas time, y'all! Woot!

Time to dig out the old tree and deck its boughs with artificial cherries, strings of twinkling lights and festoon it with red velvet ribbons. Oh wait. I don't do that every year. Mum does. LOL! What I do is drag out all my favorite Christmas songs and begin to play them in an endless loop that drives everyone else nuts. Kakakaka. You'd be driven to distraction too, because I like to start the Christmas affair early. Like say, the first of November onwards. Teeheehee!

Now, let's segue to a feelgood story. From the annals of 'How Rinnah Began To Blog'. LOL!

'Twas very near to last year's X'mas when one day
Rinnah went bloghopping. Actually, she was looking for reviews about that Just Dessert place in The Curve, and somehow or other clicked her way over to the site of a blogger called... Little Miss May. How intriguing, rinnah thought. Little Miss May. She liked the way the name sounded and thought it was fate when lo and behold, the song of the week in the rightbar was none other than Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You. Which happened to be the very same song that rinnah was listening to that very day. (Of course, it also helped that rinnah enjoyed visiting Little Miss May's blog for the pretty pictures and light-hearted blog writing.) And that, my friends, is how I stumbled upon the first of THHC blogs and met all of you wunnerful people. *grin*

Why am I recounting this tale of yesteryear? Because of L B lah. He wants to know: What am I looking forward to at the end of 2007?

I am looking forward to these things...

~ One more year of good blogging ahead of me
~ Making more new blogfriends
~ Christmas season!
~ Kisses under mistletoe Carolling
~ Shopping mall X'mas decorations
~ Pressies and cards
~ Christmas visitations
~ Snow for a White Christmas That it won't rain Liu-cats and AhBoys-dogs when I wanna go out during the Christmas season
~ Turkey!
~ Firework displays
~ New Year's Eve signalling a new year

Now, may I find out what
the Giddy Tigress is looking forward to? *wink*

15 spins:

angel said...

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle back in a bit!

Wennnn said...

Christmas coming soon lor... Yes yes is Christmas I am looking forward for it too..

angel said...

Shucks... my comment type so long went *&^%#!!!

I said...

Was Maymay's entry the one about a few of us having dessert there? That time, all of them laughed at me for eating my 'hak lor mai' with salt instead of sugar... :P

It was also during that time when we had the Great Idea® of Christmas in SGP 2006...

Show us your Xmas Tree, can?

L B said...

Waaaaa, so many thing you're looking forward to!! I also wish we can have a White Christmas here, but alas, what with all this Unconvenient Warming, how can?... And mistletoes... And... Happy Merry Christmas!!!

kyh said...

it's destined that u'll meet us guys! ;)

show ur xmas tree, pressies, and a cute lil xmas dress! :P

may said...

awwww, I feel so honoured having led you to the H U G H U G C L U B ™ ! I wish for many things for Christmas too, but what I'd really like... is to be with everyone back in KL and have a 'wunnderful' time.

Happy Early Christmas!

Doreen said...

putting up xmas tree is fun, but taking in down is no fun :(

I'm still thinking if I want to put up one this year. Emmm.....

mistipurple said...

ah, christmas tree! i love christmas. but no space in shop to put but every year i squeeze donch care still put up big big tree, heheh.

how we met is more than coincidence hor? long time ago, i kept seeing all the sampat gang at simple american's blog lor. then slowly one by one become friends chor. i think angel was one of the first. now everything is history already!

giddy tigress said...

I am looking forward to completing this tag BEFORE Christmas! Teehee! Have a blessed Christmas!

Ehon said...


it's all christmas-y already here. all shops with deco and such. :D

rinnah said...

angel: Jingle back quickly!

wennnn: Yes, and I know why you're looking forward to X'mas this year... two very special reasons, rite?

angel: Awww... *pat pat* I think it was! Were you one of those mentioned in the post? The tree ain't up yet!

l b: Yeah! I wish for many many things. So greedy, hor? *waits under the mistletoe impatiently*

kyh: It is, isn't it? Hahaha... I won't fit into a cute lil' X'mas dress la... save that for Angie's niece Baby G!

may: Yes you did! *huga huga huga* I wish I could be with you in Aussieland!

doreen: Yeah! All the trouble to put it up and then take it down.

mistipurple: Hehehe... show us your Christmas tree? Ya, from maymay's blog I went to LB's and Simple American's blogs and saw the same sampat gang commenting everywhere! LOL!

giddy tigress: I'm sure you will! Hehehe. Blessed Christmas to you, Pete and Ethan boy too!

ehon: The Christmas trappings are all up in the malls... I'm just waiting for the Christmas carols to start playing. *grin*

Giddy Tiger said...

Wheee!!! I did it way before Christmas!

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: Yay you! Have yourself a Merry, Blessed Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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