Sunday, March 18, 2007

Red carpet gala premiere of T H H C™ franchise resort

*turns on television*

A well-coiffed female news reporter appears, standing on the red carpet, freezing in her skimpy designer gown.

"And we're all here, standing on the red carpet outside the Blogsphere Theatre to witness the premiere of the latest franchise of T H E H U G H U G C L U B™. This wildly successful idea popularized the concept of CHUPPING and the awarding of highly coveted HUG points for which bloggers all over the world race each other to be the top three CHUPPERS for the fame, the glory, and yes, the prizes. A number of celebrities are scheduled to be here today..."

A sleek stretch limo pulls up, distracting the reporter.

"And he's here! The blogger formerly known as Chairman and the perpetuator of T H H C™ franchised resorts Internet-wide, the one responsible for all the groovy T H H C™ logos which are a must have for any cool blogger, he's the Emperor of the Imperial Den and star of his own blog-serial The 48 Concubines... it's L B!"

A silk robe clad L B strikes a pose for the crowd, flashing his bling bling L and B on twin gold chains.

A flash of camera bulbs popping alerts the reporter to the new arrivals. It's a gorgeous couple.

"OMG! It's
Brad! And Angie! Love her Angel-themed outfit. Don't they look good together? No sign of Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh and Pax Thein anywhere though..." A sultry, lip-pouting Angie sashays by with her Brad.

The sound of a faintly Oz-tinged accent, the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread cookies and a whirlwind of hugs for all herald the arrival of
May in her blue blue tei silk robe with a glimpse of leg, feet shod in pretty sandals and a brand spanking new black leather bag.

"Hmm, looks like silk robes are the must have of this season's high fashion... that and bustiers too, as excellently modeled by our next red-carpet arrival."

A bustier clad beauty known as
Concubine C model walks by, followed soon after by Jo, the family advocate and the iDoc, also known as the Imperial Doctor with Ah Boy, purveyor of siew pai kuat and lor mai kai.

A rumble on the pavement and screeching of wheels announce the latest arrival on the red carpet as a monster truck with machine guns mounted on its hood pulls into the arena. A Texan cowboy hops down. "Howdy y'all," the
Simple American drawls as he swaggers inside.

"It looks like all the celebrities are here. Let's go inside for the opening ceremony." The reporter and cameraman hurry inside.

All the celebrities are lined up to cut the red ribbon, golden scissors poised above the ribbon.
L B brandishes his pair of golden scissors around.

"I now declare this resort of T H H C™ officially open!"

Confetti sprays from the ceiling, champagne corks pop, camera flashbulbs go off, awards-style music trumpets in the background, bloggers everywhere cheer...

*television suddenly goes static*

Huh? Wha...? Oh! It was just a dream! Silly me... *blush*
But this
T H H C™ resort is open and it's not a dream, so CHUP away! *grin*

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kyh said...


Ah Boy said...

congrats, congrats :)

chen said...
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Chen said...

Hehehhe, got live telecast or not?
Gong Xi Gong Xi

kyh said...

Wah... what a gr8 piece of THHC resort opening ceremony!

Got brad and angie summore! KKKK!

Jo said...

Very nicely written :) Congrats!

L B said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha, til fall off table and into the monsoon drain!!! Waaa, that was really a great piece of journalism!! I will nominate you for the Willy Winkie Writers Peace Prize Award!!! Hahahaha, I need to go pee!!!

Happysurfer said...

Ditto LB's comments on the journalism. Congrats on the new franchise.

Hi! First time here. Nice blog you have.

L B said...

So groovy! So groovy! Back for more, to admire again!! *leans back*

may said...

ahhhh, here come the stars!
*camera flashes everywhere*
any goodie bags to take home ah? ;)

p.s. you'd make a helluva celebrity journalist!

angel said...

LOL! Whoaaaa!!!
*clap clap clap clap*

A great premier it is!
*leans back with The Emperor to admire the 'dream'*

a^ben said...

welcome to the family :D

rinnah said...

kyh: Yay! 5 captain's salute chups for you!

ah boy: Tengkiu! Tengkiu! 3 lovable chups for you!

chen: 1 iChup for you! Right now only got delayed telecast, maybe in future there will be Twitter telecast. *wink*

kyh: Grand premiere mah! Looking forward to yours. When open? I wanna chup there!

jo: Thanks! *blush*

l b: Ahahahaha... Glad you liked it so much you had to go pee!!! *wink*

p.s. Never heard of the Willy Winkie Writers Peace Prize award. Now, which country is that again? *grin*

happysurfer: Thanks for the compliment! I enjoyed writing it. Hope to see you around at this T H H C™ resort, yea?

*waves over a bellboy to take your luggage and offer a welcome drink*

l b: *blush under so much admiration for my little blog*

may: Quite the celebrity turn-out, eh? Must be the rumour of free siew pai kuat, lor mai kai, apples and autographed episodes of The 48 Concubines.

*in fangirl voice* Can I have your autograph please? I luv luved lurved your starring role in Episode II of The 48 Concubines... so cool and yet hawt at the same time... Are you in the next episode?

angel: *bows* Tengkiu! Tengkiu!

I hope you liked your star turn! *wink*

a^ben: Thanks!

*waves over a bellboy to take your luggage and offer a welcome drink*

Simple American said...


Just wanted to shout it aloud. :)

Love the logo. Hug the girl. I brought barbecue and Coronas for the celebration.

rinnah said...

simple american: A hello chup! How nice!

*hug SA* Cool! The refreshments are here! Let's par-tee!!!

*emulates SA by popping top of beer bottle on edge of nearest table*