Monday, March 19, 2007

My David Letterman moment

I got tagged by the blogging canine Ah Boy, who wants to know what I want / don't want for my birthday. It shouldn't be too hard, seeing as how I just passed my birthday 2 months back. I thought I'd present my tag to you, David Letterman style. A Top Ten list in order from last to first. So, here goes...

I W A N T :
10. To eat eat eat ice-cream birthday cake
9. To be on leave for my birthday (cannot work on that day... it's not good!)
8. To have all pictures taken of me on that day to turn out perfect
7. To shop-til-I-drop on my birthday and buy loads of goodies
6. Prezzies! (preferably from my wishlist, otherwise shopping vouchers will satisfy me equally)
5. One special wish to be granted to me as and when I wanna claim it. *wink*
4. To look back on the day with contentment
3. To celebrate my birthday with family, loved one and friends
2. To be healthy, wealthy and wiser for the coming year
1. To strike the lottery!!! (the bigger the better!)

I D O N ' T W A N T :
10. To put on weight from all the pigging out, esp. the ice cream cake
9. To see a pair of shoes / a dress I like / a bag I heart / etc and find out it's sold out
8. To receive prezzies that I don't want / can't use / already have (unless I heart it very much)
7. To be at work and hear or receive anything remotely work related
6. To see people who'll upset me - e.g. boss / yucky work colleagues / people whom I have a beef with / exes and their now significant others
5. To see the bill$ related to my birthday expenditure. Heh heh.
4. To be lectured that I'm now older / need to be matured / should be attached or married
3. To be one year older! (I wanna stay forever 21!!!)
2. To celebrate my birthday alone / without family, loved one and friends by my side
1. To miss a single moment of my life

Ta-dah! And there you have it, the Top Ten I Want and I Don't Want lists. Now who to tag? I shall tag a guy and a gal...

Representing the guys: Captain kyh!
Representing the gals: Jo

19 spins:

Chen said...

wah.. u very fast woh..

Chen said...

aitelyu, i never buy lottery in my entire life :P

Btw, I have tagged u....


Ah Boy said...

omCan share-share your ice cream birthday cake with Ah Boy?
Ah Boy loves eating cake as well as ice cream ;)
Thanks :D

angel said...

chuppppp!!!! :D

angel said...

So, when's your birthday?
*sits & wait for answer*

Simple American said...

I'm here for ice cream cake. *bangs table* 0.0

Nice wants. Wish you get them all.

And may all your don't wants be granted. (Bonus kick in the pants for your boss and those that pile work on you)

So how is 21? I so long forgot. *snif*

kyh said...

har???? u're 21 this yr????? wow i tot u're a workin' lady liao wor....

thx for tagging me! but i still got loads more in front of u. so gotta be patient! KKK!!!!!

and a hugs for u!

ooops... u din state u want muaks and hugs wor... *take back my hugs and muaks and gv to angie instead* :P

L B said...

I wanna wish you Happy belated 21 and forever too!!!!

You ARE really good at these TAG things!! *mouth drops jaw, with tongue touching floor, and runs off to pee again*

rinnah said...

chen: I fast meh? You faster... got 5 imperial chups for this post!

chen: Ahahaha... I buy lottery ticket for Big Sweep every now and then... Kolian the Indian fellas or handicapped who sell it.

Another tag? Okie, I good girl... Will do it tonite, probably. *wink*

ah boy: 3 ice-cream cake chups for you!!

Sure, lots of ice-cream cake to spare. Where's your BBBB?

*cuts generous portion of cake to save for Ah Boy*

angel: 1 angelic chup with halo and wings for you!

angel: The twenty-eighth day of the first month of the Gregorian calendar... *wink*

simple american: Come! Come! Lots to go around even with Ah Boy around... Let's dig in!

Hopefully I'll get them all next year! *wink*

*closes eyes with hands at bonus kick but peeks thru fingers*

Hmm, 21 is but a hazy memory now... *presses refresh button* I think I was a lot more confused then than I am now!

kyh: Hahaha... no lar... not 21 this year... that was some years back... but a girl always likes to feel young!

*patiently sits and waits*

Wah... must state that I want hugs and muaks one meh? I thot as belated b'day girl I "tai sai" one... *pouts*

OKlah... better not make Angie jealous, hor? *wink*

l b: Hee hee! Tengkiu! I am forever 21! Now if only that phrase allows me some proprietory right over the Forever 21 boutique... *plots*

I am? *looks pleasantly surprised* No lah... my tag skills pale in comparison to the King of Memes, SA.

Hmm, what has the Imperial Kitchen™ been feeding the Emperor that he needs to pee so frequently? Calling the Imperial Doctor™...

L B said...

*wondering too*

may said...

I wish I wouldn't put on weight from all that pigging out too. lots of chocolate cakes, fizzies, candy... and the lottery is best! make sure it's 1st prize, ok? no consolation business, lol!

L B said...

*still wondering*

rinnah said...

l b: LOL! Where's the Doc?

may: I think that is the wish of every woman! Lottery sure must be 1st prize then only best. But I'll sapu consolations prizes too! *kiasu*

l b: Kakakakakaka! Paging the Imperial Doctor... we have a potential emergency on our hands!

Jo said...

i will come up with my list once i have the time yea? It is a promise

Chen said...

The answer is ...

some notti fella (might be the imperial son?) drop few drops of lasix into Emperor's favourite drink.. Hence he pee so frequent :P


Simple American said...

LOL. Of course you are less confused now. Otherwise you are living a holding pattern.

rinnah said...

jo: No worries, dear! Take your time. ;o)

*opens eyes very widely*

An attempted poisoning in the Imperial Palace? Who would want to do that to our beloved Emperor?

*looks for Imperial Judge to start official investigations*

simple american: If this trend continues, I will be very wise in my senior years! *giggle*

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