Friday, March 16, 2007

Elevator music

I have a silly question to ask you. What do you do in when you're in an elevator with some people (strangers whom you don't know) and the entire elevator is mirrored? Some possible answers:-

a) Shuffle to the front/side/back of the elevator
b) Stand your ground and look around, staring everyone in the eye
c) Look down at your shoes or look up at the ceiling
d) Stare steadfastly straight in front of you at your own reflection or at the head of the person in front of you
e) Watch the floor numbers moving
f) Clutch your belongings and look around furtively, ready to make a dash for it the moment the doors open
g) Yawn
h) Look at your watch and / or tap your foot
i) Make silly farting noises and pretend it was the person next to you by moving away very very quickly

Do you have any funny answers to add to this post? LOL!
~ Check out how gorgeous you look in the mirrors
~ Make faces at the people inside the elevator with you
~ Woof at them like Ah Boy
~ Annoy them by talking loudly on your mobile
~ Talk dirty (or suggestively!) to them
~ Pretend to have the big "O" as the elevator moves up floors until you exit (LOL!)
~ Check out the sexytaries riding the same elevator with you

14 spins:

angel said...

Wheeee!!! Another chuppp!

I usually check my hair in the mirror LOL!!! Each time... without fail!!

*vain pot*

angel said...

Oopsie! I gave wrong answer.. u looking for some farnie answers and I gave u my "unfarnie" answer pulak...

Errrmmm... how about making faces at other people? Or woof at other ppl like how ah boy would? Or... tok loud loud on the hp? Or... talk dirty? Haha...

*sot-sot already*

L B said...

First of all, CHUP too!! I have your THHC logo ready! Are you ready? Tomorrow's Post, ok?

Secondly, I love that photo..

Third, I think the funniest elevator ride I ever encountered in my life was this class mate of mine in London who pretended to be having an orgasm.. softly at first, then building up the crescendo... till.. the TING! And got off.

Simple American said...

Are there mirrors on the floor?

Then look at my feet. Yeh just my feet. Not the cute sexretaries. No way.

Otherwise I am (e) watching them numbers.

rinnah said...

angel: So lucky! You're a CHUPAHOLIC! Hahaha... I only check out myself if no one's around. Then I do the full works... powder, lippie, etc. *vain pot too!*

angel:There's no such thing as a wrong answer, dear!

ROTFL at the thought of woofing at other ppl like ah boy.

l b: My THHC logo? Where? Where? Where? *looks around the comment box* Oh, it's not here. I'll be ready...

I like the photo too... (psst, it's not mine. Ahahaha... taken from the WWW) I need to brush up on my photography skills first.

OMG! The people in the elevator must have been wondering what was going on! LOL!

simple american: Thankfully no! Otherwise I'd never be able to wear skirts to work! 0.0 *blink blink*

The missus would be happy to hear that... once I forgot to watch the numbers and didn't get off at my floor! I had to get out at the next floor and take the elevator down. *blush*

Jo said...

I prefer to look around than at someone particular or else that somebody will become uneasy and start to think up lotsa of reasons for me staring at them. ;)

kyh said...

Look left, look right, look up, look down. Aiya... I feel uneasy when people's lookin' at me. So I'll do them the same favour too. I'll just watch... my hands! LOL!!!

wat if u see a silhouette casted on the reflective lift doors when u're riding the lift at night alone? *shudders*

Ah Boy said...

eeee.. angel curi ah boy's answer

ah boy wanna comment tat too..
many times many kor kor jie jie will admire ah boy or praise ah boy cute when ah boy in the same lift with them
if they look at ah boy, ah boy will look back at them loh

Ah Boy said...

forget to tell u, ah boy just tagged u leh :P

kat said...

That really is a cool photo. I really admire lb and ahmay for the way they take photos - such imaginative angles! Me? I only know how to appreciate beautiful things, dunno how to create! :D

I will check everyone out, but not catch their eye-lah. Just look at them from the neck down! And if they have hair as straight and silky as angel's, I'll stare at the hair... *grin*

may said...

ook at other people's shoes (especially ladies in sandles) and wrinkle my nose... so they'd think they have ugly feet, haha!

L B said...

It's there, it's there, THHC™!!!

Chen said...

At times I will watch the floor numbers moving, or close my eyes zzz :P

rinnah said...

jo: Sometimes when I accidentally catch someone's eye in the elevator (not on purpose lah!) I will feel uncomfortable! LOL!

kyh: *shiver* Hopefully it's my own reflection in the doors lah!

ah boy: Sure ah boy is the center of attention when ah boy takes the elevator, hor? Woof!

ah boy: Tag? *faint* Ah boy so good as to tag jie jie ah? OK, sure must do this tag fast fast one...

kat: Yeah, I lup lup lup the photos and collages they put up on their blogs all the time. Must go take lessons from them, yea? Join me?

may: Got a shoe fetish? I like to check out the ladies' shoes too. Oh oh... better hide my toes when I meet you then! *wink*

l b: I saw it! I saw it! I lup it!!!

chen: Hurhurhur! I close my eyes zzz only when there's no one else around!