Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pretty Princessy Nails!

I got a spa manicure yesterday. Absolutely FREE! Yes, it was such a good thing to happen to me. Thanks to my aunt, who gave me the voucher for the free manicure. Anyways, I had to use it before the end of March, so I called up last week and made an appointment for today. The nail salon is called Amante Beauty and it's located in Dataran Prima in a row of shophouses that's tucked away from the main road. It's a smallish shophouse that's quite cosy and the area is simply full of independent beauty salons, nail shops and hair salons. You'll find parking to be quite plentiful there and I don't think there's a need to pay parking on a Saturday / Sunday.

The spa manicure is something that Amante is promoting right now, and is from the 7 days to beautiful hands collection that promises softer, whiter, smoother and younger skin. I had completely no idea what the spa manicure would entail, having only had normal manicures before. Firstly, they slather a scrub onto your hands and all over your arms, even above the elbow. After they rub it in, they use a warm, damp cloth to rub it off together with the dead skin cells. Then they use a moisturiser to cover your hands and use cling wrap to seal it in, so you're essentially wrapped up like Phua Chu Kang's wife Rosie's slim wrap! Then you put your cling wrapped hands inside heating contraptions that look like astronaut gloves and leave you for between 5 - 10 minutes. When time's up, your hands are unwrapped and a green mask is put on your hands only (arms not included). While the mask dries, the manicurist will cut, file and shape your nails and remove the cuticles and excess skin around your nails. When the mask is dry it will be peeled off and a moisturiser will be applied with a short massage. After which the manicurist will apply a base coat, two coats of your preferred nail color and a top coat before you proceed to drying your nails and voila! you're done.

The spa manicure is conducted in the special manicure room in the back, equipped with four super-cool chairs that have little jacuzzi footbaths attached. The chairs are acutally massage chairs too, so you can enjoy the sensation of a massaging vibrator at your back while the manicurist works on your hands or feet. So relaxing! And the room is darkened, there's soft jazz music playing... I nearly drifted off to sleep there.

The photo above of my nails don't really do them justice as I asked for a matt nude varnish and the manicurist chose one that is almost the same color as my base nail shade. But if you see it in real life, it's natural looking yet so shiny and pretty! Kind of a did she or didn't she do her nails kind of look. Now all I need is a diamond to adorn my fingers...

Amante is running a promotion on both their normal manicures / pedicures as well as the spa treatments for first time customers. Their promotion rates are RM59 (normal manicure + pedicure) and RM117 (spa manicure + pedicure) instead of the usual charges of RM78 and RM180 respectively. I highly recommend the spa treatment as you can see the clear difference before and after. Fine lines on my hands virtually receded and my skin is softer and smoother than before. I don't really know about the whitening part of it as I am already rather fair to begin with, so I didn't see much change there.

Amante Beauty Care Sdn Bhd
C-G-5, Jalan PJU 1/45
Aman Suria Damansara

Tel : 03-7803 4664

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angel said...

A Free Spa for me! Chup!

*admires the fingers*

kyh said...

wah free ad here ah... KKK!!!

wah ur nice nice fingers!

and not to forget, chup!!!!!

may said...

what clean and shiny nails you have! mine are just yuck. and it's a waste for me to go for manicures because I'd just chip them 5 minutes out from the salon...

Chen said...

lucky lah u..
free spa manicure summore :D

but not for me, cos I scrub my hands too frequently.. :P

L B said...

So very Miss Anne Hathaway wan!!

Jo said...

;) so nice to have free treatment. I do agree with may. It is not easy to take care of them..

rinnah said...

angel: 5 spa chups for you!

Wanna go mani / pedi?

kyh: 3 ad chups for you!

Nice hor, after manicure? Ordinary not like that one...

may: 1 very clean and shiny chup for you!

I love manicures when I get them, but always very "sum thong" when it eventually chips.

chen: Ya... I was so happy when I got the voucher, but even happier when I got the spa treatment!

l b: All the better to face down the boss tomorrow! *giggle*

jo: Free is good, yea? *wink back* I always regret it when it starts to chip...

Paris Beaverbanks said...

ooh i'd so love a mani/pedi right now :p

zewt said...

is this like a ... sponsored post?

Simple American said...

*matt nude varnish*


Sorry. I did not mean to look. *peeks*

Runs back to the hills and under the brushes. *peeks wif binoculars*

Your hand does look quite nice now. Hope this will help you have a good start to your Monday. :)

rinnah said...

paris beaverbanks: Hi, hello! Welcome! *brings welcome drink*

I think mani / pedi is the best way to destress, besides other spa treatments and holidays! Uhm, hair styling too... provided the end result doesn't stress me out! Heheh.

zewt: Uhm... no. I hope they do sponsor me if they ever come across this post though! *lapses into daydreams of free manicures and pedicures*

simple american: *flashes hand before your eyes* Pweety, hor? No need to peek with binoculars lah...

p.s. You know what, I think the manicure did help! My day is much much better today.

LB said...

You've been TAGGED!!

rinnah said...

l b: So I see! Not to worry, I shall submit my homework shortly...

Anonymous said...

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