Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tropical island fare

L B wanted to know who this stowaway would like to be marooned on an island with for a year. The only catch is, there are only five others you can choose, and they all have to be bloggers. *pouts* There goes my dreams of being on an island with... let's say Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.

Other than the swift deflation of my initial daydreams, I have to say it sounds like fun! A secluded island, no one around other than this little community, sun, sand and sea... all we need is a little imagination to get it going. So, my round-up of bloggers goes like this:-

Gotta pick Simple American. Because he knows what to do to keep the bar-b-que going and probably will bring a stash of Coronas to accompany the bar-b-que. Not only that, he can teach us to play dice on the beach, and we can sit around telling all sorts of jokes.

Next up is Chen. Like L B said, we need a doctor around. Not only in the medical facility but also for bird watching, picture taking and bug kacau-ing. Sure to be plenty of birds, fish and bugs to keep her occupied when she is not doctoring our aches and pains. (Also, this is like buy one free one... pick Chen, get Ah Boy!!!)

I pick L B because he tagged me! Muahahaha. But this one also brings benefits one. I will ask him to bring the wi-fi setup so that we can surf and bum around on the Internet when we're not eating and playing on the island. Plus, we need more than one cook on the island... I see plenty of food related pics on his website... but dunno whether his cooking nice or not!

Since everyone raves about May's baking, I pick her! We will need supply of cakes, cookies and muffins to keep our mouths occupied besides potfuls of ABC soup. The only pity is that there isn't a place on the island to go shopping with her!

Hmm... I'm going to bend the rules a bit with my last pick. Since I have picked Chen and bonus Ah Boy, I'm going to pick Angie and get bonus Brad!!! Ekekekekeke! Since wherever Angie goes, Brad will be there, how could I separate this match made in heaven? So that balances up the star quotient on the island. Now we have people to watch and be watched.

This is starting to remind me a bit of the series L O S T. Let's see if we can match them up... There's a doctor, a hot couple, two rebels, the friendliest guy in town and the confused girl. Here are a number of choices for you to pick from:

Guys: Locke, Jack, Charlie, Sayid, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin, Michael, Walt, Bernard, Mr Eko
Gals: Kate, Claire, Sun, Rose, Ana Lucia, Libby
Others: ???

Let me know your answers in the comments! *wink*

Disclaimer: All purported similarities between the bloggers named above and the cast of Lost are all in the mind of the writer only. *runs away just in case kena piaked or pinched*

12 spins:

kyh said...

bonus brad reports here!!!

LB said...

LOL!!! Of course can cook! Can even skin a cat!!

Terrific Post again! You do your TAGs so well... Now you know why you're every Taggers fave! Thanks for yet another well-done one! Kalikai coming up!!

may said...

c h u p...

may said...

a cook, a baker... where's the candlestick maker? lol! waaaa, gotta get some new recipes and start that baking session liao! I would rather have colin firth than hugh grant, though. or can I pick both? yay!

LB said...

No, no!! Not Colin!!.. Give us Kyra!!!

ps: Sorry, I haven't watched a single episode of LOST to know who Claire, Libby, Sun, etc are!! :-(

angel said...

*clap clap clap*
*does wolf whistle*

Thanks for bringing me! Yippie!
*imagines dancing around the bbq pit*

Errr... can we bring our babies too??? Haha..

BTW, the new "Lost" is Heroes! Wheeee!

Simple American said...

You dun need Colin Firth and Hugh Grant leh. You got L B and me. No posing or eye candy. The real thing. Men!!!!

I love your post. So splendidly written.

Love lost too. I have to be Charlie or Sawyer. You freckles or Sun?

kyh said...

When the show first aired on astro, i was addicted to it. very interesting from the 1st episode of the 1st season. then hor, i lost my track. lazy to follow liao. hahaha. still can remember some casts faintly. of cos i wud choose matthew fox! is he jack? i hope i dont get it wrong. and i like the lead actress... wat's her name then? kate? LOL!

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 bonus chups for you!!! (no extras though... Ahahaha)

l b: 3 kalikai chups for you!

Skin cat? 0.0 *no eye see*

Ahahaha... wait till you see Chapter 9 of the 48 COncubines... *hint*

may: CHUP! 1 very lucky chup for you!

may: If I had to choose I'd also choose Colin Firth over Hugh Grant, but if I can get both... better still!

Oh yeah, add Ewan McGregor to the mix for me too. There's something about those Englishy accents...

l b: Who's Kyra? *blur* Hahaha... no worries, I think the connection to LOST in this post lost most people too! (LOL at own pun!)

angel: Go island how not to bring you? Must come! We can dance and sing all day and all night long! Hmm, babies allowed of course, we even have doctor around mah...

simple american: Real men! *hug hug*

Look out for Chapter 9 of The 48 Concubines... soon! *hint*

I'm thinking more Sun than freckles. LOL! Gotta be Charlie... Sawyer's a hunk, but he's sometimes such a jerk, ya?

kyh: You wanna be Jack? Gotta get the medical degree first! Otherwise I'd say you've got a bit of Sawyer in you! Heeheehee!

If Astro shows Season 3 I will need to watch the whole series from the start, otherwise I'd be really LOST! AhahahahA!

zewt said...

stuck on an island and one of your concern is getting wi-fi eh? haha... speaks so much about our over reliant on the virtual world nowadays.

LOST... i am getting increasingly lost watching it.

Chen said...

fast lah u :P
and well written too ;)

pssss... I'm totally lost about LOST.
Dunno wat show is tat :P

rinnah said...

zewt: Oh yes... connected to the world virtually while we're physically marooned on an island. The best of both worlds! Hehehe...

I will be LOST when the new season starts... can't remember heads or tails about the first two seasons already...

chen: Must submit homework quick quick mah... if not cannot sleep with unfinished things hanging overhead.

Not to worry, most people are lost about LOST too! I think we need Angel's HEROES to rescue us all. *wink*