Monday, March 05, 2007

My First Tag

Never in a million years would I have guessed that I got my very first tag this way. The Master of Trickery, L B put up a post on 10 No Play Play Games and in my haste to chup for 5 hearts, I chupped before I looked and ahhhhh! First 3 chuppers were also the first 3 taggees! So, my auspicious run continues, eh? *wink* At this rate, who knows what I'll end up with next. Win lottery? *looks hopeful*

Anyway, the name of the game is to name 10 old, ancient games that I used to play as a kid. I'm gonna name the toys that I used to play games with too. Those days are not so far gone but yet a misty memory... so here goes!

10. Batu seremban. Also known as five stones and originally played with smooth, small stones. My version was played using little hand-sewn pouches filled with rice. I never was able to sweep all five stones in one fist because my hands were too small at the time! (I was seven.)

9. Skipping rope. A favorite pastime of girls at my school, we could be found with the skipping rope (made out of hundreds of rubberbands) before school, during recess, and after school. Unless I was doing this next activity...

8. Climbing flagpoles. *blush* This one was the most tomboyish I ever got... climbing the flagpole like a monkey seemed extremely fun at the time, except for the numerous scoldings I got from my mum for dirtying my pristine school shoes.

7. Nintendo games! No Playstation at the time... Nintendo was cool then. I begged my parents for a set and got it for being first in class. Don't play play... after that I spent all my time indoors with the set and graduated to geek-a-mania computer games...

6. Monopoly. I was always looking for people to play this board game with me, but I was notoriously poor at managing hotels. I could always buy the best properties, then run out of money to build hotels!

5. Cluedo. Another favorite board game. Ms Scarlett did it in the library with the rope. Or Col. Mustard did it in the kitchen with the candlestick. Endless hours of fun!

4. Stuffed toys and dollies. Every little girl has had imaginary tea-parties, I would presume. And the stuffed toys and dollies would be the guests. I would make them talk and talk back to them. And what's a tea party without...

3. Masak-masak aka playing house. I had a fully equipped play kitchen, with pots, pans, rice cooker, oven, blah blah blah. Loved that cookery set to bits! And the child in me still hankers after the little metal cooking set in Ikea. LOL!

2. Paper dolls. I had both kinds, the press out ones with full wardrobe, and self-drawn ones that I designed entire wardrobes for. I fancied myself a designer worthy of matching Calvin Klein, Versace, Armani... which also explained the obsession with...

1. Barbie dolls! Although I had Barbie dolls, they were more for display and less for real play. But nevertheless, dolls were a major part of my childhood days.

So as you can see, I had a real girly girly childhood! Tag done! *phew*

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LB said...

Hahahaha!!!!! BrAVo!!!!! Yet another excellent TAG well done! I am so totally blown off by you three today! Really I am... especially by that flagpole revelation!! Hahaha... this was really a fun tag to do!!! Thank you!

mistipurple said...

haha we both kena twicked by LB!
now i oso have phobia. i look see first before i chup!

kyh said...
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kyh said...

whee~ i wanna chup! i wanna chup! *chup chup chup*

so i got a bronze aka 1 HUGGY POINT now rite? *winks*

climbing flagpoles! muahaha! i climbed basketball stands! KKK!

wah u're a doll queen leh! u no takut in the middle of the nite, u'll hear a voice from ur dolly collection: "I'm CHUCKY... COME AND PLAY WITH MEEEEEEEEEE..."


angel said...

*clap clap clap*

Climb flagpole?? HMMMM... like how?? Monkey see, monkey do?? LOL!

LB said...

I reread everythig slowly one more time, and I am still trying not to burst out laughing here at work over those flagpole escapades!! I remember too the skipping ropes made out of rubber bands! I would use one and pretend I am a Lion Tamer..

Simple American said...

I dun know about girly girly. You played Nintendo and then PC games.

So you play any now. Like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. I'm always looking for new friends to play with. :P

may said...

good stuff, this! I never had a Barbie doll to play with though. the rest, very familiar childhood games. jom play batu seremban! *stitches up some stones*

Jo said...

Hmm.. never did play cluedo!

rinnah said...

l b: Haha... it was a fun tag for me to do!

mistipurple: Hi! Welcome to my blog! Ya... he was quite sneakily clever about it. LOL! That makes two of us - I will also look see first before chupping now.

kyh: Hi! Another new face... welcome! Chuppers are most welcome here, but the H U G H U G C L U B ain't open yet... soon, soon!

Hahaha... did you swing off from the basketball hoop?

I think for that very reason I refused to watch the Chucky movies! LOL!

angel: Climb flagpole like climb tree loh! Kekekeke... it was all the fault of the naughty boys... they said girls couldn't climb, so I simply had to show them that girls could do it too! Outclimbed quite a few of them after that. *very wide grin*

l b: Very funny, hor? *wink* Good for releasing work stress / tension.

simple american: Still play PC games now, but tend towards strategy types like Civilization, Age of Empires, the Sims, Sim City etc. Yup, I've got world domination and mind control on the brain! LOL!

may: Can you still remember the rules of how to play? I can only remember move 1 - 5, after that the move complicated moves I forgot!

jo: You should try it! It's fun because you have to think and solve a murder mystery by accumulating clues on the board before the other players do.

kyh said...

i also prefer strategy games! i play all those games u mentioned! ;)

rinnah said...

kyh: Wakakaka! A fellow strategist and world dominator, eh? *puts on mock Dr. Evil face with little finger to lips*

Chen said...

I still remember playing the skipping ropes with rubber bands.. I guess nowadays no one play with this liao?

Batu seremban is my old time favourites. Used to play it during recess time in my primary school days ;)

Simple American said...

I love civilization and age of empires. Genghis Khan might have been successful if he practiced before the invastion began. haha

Simple American said...
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rinnah said...

chen: Ya... nowadays kids play with PSP, PS2, PC... they don't go outdoors anymore.

Batu seremban is a dying game! We should revive it with little girls (and boys!) everywhere.

simple american: AOE rocks! I play more for the fun of building the villages (and cities in Civilization) and researching the new sciences instead of waging war... but then again, I like it best when I've conquered the map!