Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guess what I did this morning?

I was up today at 6.00am after a fitful night of sleep. 6.00am is way earlier than when I wake on weekdays for work. Oh well. Weird dreams again too. This time, I was starting a new job again and one of my friends who's in HK was working at the company too and she was pregnant! Does this bode well for her? *grin*

Since I had NBTD, I hopped online and checked my email. Bloghopped. Responded to comments. Did a paid post. (Might as well be productive, eh?) Found out about the Blog Action Day
from Pelf's site. It's a good cause, so I signed up for it and put the button in my sidebar. Be ready with a post on 15 October, yah. Save the world! (Dunwanna end up like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. "Goodbye world and thanks for all the fish!" Them dolphins are really smart. Wakakakakakaka! *grin*) Nosed around on FaceBook. Added a friend. Invited some people from my address book to be friends.

The parentals were up and about by this time too, and left to do the weekly marketing. I'm waiting for my brekkie to come back to me. Heh.

Still online. Trying to use MobiK to send out free SMSes, but it doesn't seem to be working. What's wrong? :o(

Spent some time working on my phone review. It'll be super long, so I think I'll break it up into 2, 3 or even 4 parts. Stopped in between for brekkie - tau foo fa (aka tau huey in Singapore).

A N D T H E N . . . . . . . .

My itchy hands went to search, oh so casually, to see if the domain with my name was available. So my fingers typed in And... OMG! It was available! *pengsan*

Then har... this Yahoo was so bad. They had a link that practically screamed (even in size 7 font) get your domain name now... only USD1.99. How to resist like that? Hurhurhur. *looks sheepish*

Oh boy, my impulsive nature. *shakes head* You can guess the rest of the story, right? Right?

18 spins:

angel said...

Woot! Congratulations! *pops champagne*

LB said...

Waaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahowcome?!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaa!!! CHUP fast fast,!

pelf said...

Aww. Congratulations on your new domain! :)

Ah Boy said...

soon we will see

ehon said... coming eh?!

lol! aiseh. getting famous liao. lol!

narrowband said...

You've gotten your own domain!! Hurrah!! Can throw party liao!

Congratulations :)

No wonder the Facebook invitation email came in about 7am++... I was wondering what were you doing up so early. A little too early on a weekend, I'd say!!

giddy tiger said...

Great move on the new domain, girlfriend! :D
*grins* You know who to consult when you wanna sign up for your hosting package eh? *wink*

may said...

woo-hoo! welcome to "your own domain" club! so gonna move house soon? soon? housewarming party?

a^ben said...

get . com get . com get . com get . com

*voodoo dance`*

ehehheheh cant wait to see phone review neh ahhahaha

zewt said...

getting it eh? so luckly la u... is USD1,295!!!

rinnah said...

angel: 5 champagne-y hugs for you!!!

Thanks, and when are you going dot com too?

l b: 3 fast fast hugs for you!!

How come? Itchy fingers lor! LOL!

pelf: 1 new domain hug for you!

Thanks, I hope to make it as great-looking as yours!

ah boy: Can start using already... if you go to you will be redirected here!

ehon: Yes, coming soon to a website near you! Hahaha. Not famous lah. Just kiasu.

narrowband: Hehehe... yeah, I'm joining the own domain gang!

Thanks, I hope I can handle the designing and formatting of my own site! LOL!

Hahaha... what to do, couldn't sleep mah.

giddy tiger: Thanks! I foresee that I will be bugging you quite a bit soon... Hehehe.

may: Yay! What are the perks of joining the own domain club? Got secret handshake ah? Yes, there'll surely be a housewarming party when that happens!

a^ben: When is coming? USD1.99 only! (1st year lah - subsequent years is USD9.99)

Phone review is half completed... you want to see Part 1 first? LOL!

zewt: Got liao! Hehehe. I thought would be unique enough that no one had gotten it! Maybe

Simple American said...

No imagination here. What happened next? *looks at the padawan with big round blue eyes*

rinnah said...

simple american: Hehe. I bought my own domain lor. *blinks back with almond shaped brown eyes*

Alvin said...

guess rinnah is not reli a common name lo...not like mine, alvin lim. =_= has been snapped up by someone. is some property guy in SG....and i don want to sound like an organization so i wont take .org

now... left .info =_=

rinnah said...

alvin: *grin* rinnah isn't my real name... it's my Internet nickname, that's why it's rather uncommon spelling wise. is pretty cool too though. 'cos you give out lots of info on your blog. Hehe.

Alvin said...

mmm, jz hope i wont mislead ppl to the "dark side". hahahaha

rinnah said...

alvin: Hahaha... but you're not part of the Dark Side yet, are you? *grin*

Anonymous said...

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