Monday, August 13, 2007

Of threes and eights

Again, it was a Friday night with nothing better to watch on the boob tube so I finally watched Spiderman 3, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Uncle Ho. *grin* I actually liked it better than Spiderman 2, and thought the visual effects for Venom and Sandman were pretty good. Pity about the messy storyline and erratic acting though. Tobey Maguire's attempt to make Peter Parker this cool hip-hop cat just made me snigger and think he was rather wimpy and gay! LOL. Uhm, Tobey, you can't dance, so please lay off the fancy footwork, k? And the "brokeback" style references to love... hmm. Not exactly my cup of tea.

Very lazy to blog today. Dunno lah, just don't have the inspiration to come up with a wonderfully creative parody post like Zewt
. So how? Do tag lah! Kekekekekeke!

First up, the lovely Wennnn bestowed upon me the honor of being named a sampat blogger!
Then this Ehon hor, he also said I am a sampat blogger just because I always comment on his every post. Where got... others also got comment on every post what... Does this mean he thinks I'm stalking him? LOL!

For the uninitiated, the definition of sampat is to be busybody or kaypoh... I will also add that to sampat is to talk nonsense (but in a good way, lah!)... so in a way it is an extension of the schmoozing award loh.

So who else do I think is a sampat blogger? Neh, these people lor... LB, Chen, Ehon, Mistipurple, Angel, Winn, Sengkor, Liucas... all very sampat. Kekekekeke! Others also got lah, but these people more keng at sampat-ing.

Then Giddy Tiger said I should have a very fatt graduation gift.
So ong, hor? I must be prospering this year.

"Each person links to the person who tagged them. Then each person posts the rules before their list. Then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those people's sites and comments and lets them know that they've been tagged, and to come read the post so they know what they have to do …"

Eight things about me? Easy peasy.

1. I am of average height (5'5"), but for some strange reason, everyone insists that I am tall. I wonder if I have some kind of optical illusion spell on their eyes? Now if only that worked for melting away the excess baby fat in their eyes too...

2. I like male dominated sports. Most guys roll their eyes when they find out I am into football (English soccer), rugby, F1 and wrestling. And they often don't believe me that I actually like these sports and follow the season avidly. But of course, I don't play any of these sports! Bwahahahaha.

3. I have the memory of an elephant for dates (or so my friends think!). Birthday dates, wedding dates, anniversary dates any date that is a special occasion. If you're someone close to me, a real good friend, I'll remember every special occasion date of yours - date you joined a company, date you left, day you got engaged, etc. Actually, my trusty Gcal helps me a lot too. *wink* So who wants me to remember their birthdays? I'm taking numbers now...

4. I don't have 20/20 vision. Not exactly blind as a bat, but still blur enough that I can't go a single waking moment without some form of visual aid, i.e. my glasses/contacts. My mum blames it on reading while lying in bed. Or maybe the tv.

5. I'm a bit OCD about the placement of my stuff. Like which book goes where and the order of my clothes hanging in the closet. Strangely, the OCD does not extend to obsessive cleaning. Just tidying and straightening stuff. And I know when people have been sitting at my desk or using my stuff. I just know. Because you messed up my pencil arrangement! Hahahaha.

6. I haven't had much luck with pets. My supposedly hardy tortoise choked to death on fish food, my puppies were poisoned by the wicked neighbor, my kittens ran away and my hamsters kicked the bucket after one year (except for my favorite, who was with me for two years). But I do adore playing with them, just not the cleaning up bit!

7. Fruit is not high on the list of foods I eat. Not to say I don't eat fruit, just that I prefer not to eat it until they've been peeled, cored, cut, whatever. I would rather not eat fruit unless it's been "processed". And I don't look for fruit - in fact, I can go for weeks without eating fruit if I want to. Weird mou?

8. I officially graduate in 2 weeks time! Whoopee! And I want one of those cute teddybears with a mortarboard and robe. LOL. The florists are going to be making a killing, just like Valentine's Day.

I don't know who to tag with this tag, so I'm going to borrow LB's three blind mice tactic. The first three chuppers for this post have to do this tag! But... I'll be nice and add 3 extra hug hug points each for them. Hehehe.

20 spins:

mudpie said...


angel said...

I also chup but I did the tag before already! *no blind mouse here*

Chen is the Sampat-est!!!

mudpie said...

aiyak!!! the blind mice hit me .. padan muka wakakakakka

tortoise choked???? kkkkkkkkakakakak

pelf said...

I was going to wait till you have 3, 13 or 30 comments before leaving one but I'm afraid I'd forgot to return.

Anyway, your WHAT choked on fish food? Aww, that poor tortoise. But if you'd like to trying rearing them again, try soak those fish food in water until they're a little soft before feeding the tortoise :)

And I don't know why but I'm scarily good with remember numbers and dates. Just tell me once, and I'll remember. My Mum and boyfriend get scared of me sometimes :)

Ouh, and congratulations on your graduation :)

may said...

I dun wanna chup, but I wanna be sampat! I not sampat enough?! kkkk!

zewt said...

keke... i might just come up with another parody.... but not sure if many will understand.

Chen said...

grrr at Angel (ala Ah Boy's style)..
i'm not the sampat-est leh

5'5".. Mmmm... at least u r taller than me, so consider as tall lah :D
I love fruits.

Congrats for your coming official graduation. (p/s: At first I tot u graduated long time ago liao leh :P)

narrowband said...

Gosh, that poor tortoise... And the puppies...

The kittens and hamsters probably knew about the tortoise and puppies story and so they decided to escape before anything happen to them :p

On fruits... man, it seems you gotta find a boyfriend who won't mind peeling and cutting fruits for you all the time! :p

I hope it doesn't rain on your convo day! I wish it didn't rain on mine!! :( Nevertheless, it was a truly memorable day.

Anonymous said...

jiejie rinnah

your tortoise also can get choked one ? hehehhee :)

congratulations for your graduation!!

rinnah said...

mudpie: 8 Chupa Chup hugs for you!!!

Btw... you are tagged. Hehe.

angel: 6 no blind mouse hugs for you!!

Done before ah? Ok-lah... give you exemption. *grin*

mudpie: Aiyak! Yaloh... long time no one tried the three blind mice trick liao. LOL!

Yeah, poor lil' greedy fella.

pelf: 4 hugs for you for not waiting! Btw, you do know that you're tagged, right? But you can choose not to do it. *grin*

Yeah... my Tommy Tortoise was too greedy for his own good. You see, he'd gobble up the fish food and before swallowing the one that was in his mouth, he'd gobble at the next. I used to watch him choke, spit it out, and gobble it back in again in the next breath. Methinks one day he had too much in his mouth, choked and thus...

Hehe... another numbers and dates gal eh? *shakes hands*


may: Hehehe... you are sampat, but not sampat enough. LOL!

zewt: I await your next masterpiece eagerly!

chen: Haha... but you came up with the Sampat Award worrr... how not to be the sampat-est?

I started working first before I did my degree part-time. That's why graduation is so late. LOL!

narrowband: Hahaha... I had nothing to do with the accidental death of Tommy Tortoise and the puppies were murdered by my neighbor. The kittens were a wee bit too adventurous for their own good, I suppose. The hamsters didn't escape! Wakakakaka!

LOL - he doesn't need to be peeling and cutting fruits all the time. Just buy the pre-cut ones lah. Save time. Heh.

I hope so too! But it's all indoors anyway, so rain would just inconvenience running to and from the cars. Did you toss the mortarboard? *grin*

misha: Yes loh... he was too greedy and stuffed the food in his mouth. Hehehe.

Leonard said...

i was also sampat enuff to come here to read and know a little bit about u!

sengkor said...

i got sampat meh?

*think deep deep with a long and serious face*

Simple American said...

Oh 5'5"! Just perfect for hugging. I don't know any of those sports. Americans always gotta be different I guess.

I'm OCD bought my stuff and my wife is OCD about doing opposite my OCD. haha

Note. Do not eat fish with Rinnah.

ehon said...

I second what Angel said!!! Hehehehe. Chen is the sampat-est. :P I where got sampat worr...

rinnah said...

leonard: Aiyah... since you're so sampat I shoulda tagged you! Kekekekekeke...

sengkor: You no sampat meh? But then again, I like all your posts - sampat or not!

simple american: Ah, and I don't know any of your sports either! Baseball, football, basketball - all blur to me. LOL!

Well - opposites attract!

Fish? Uhm, what did my post have to do with fish?

ehon: You also think so leh... *grin*

Got... you very clever to sampat and pom chak chak one.

L B said...

...running out of lormaikais... running out of chee cheong fun.. running out of roast duck.. running out of durians... running out of steam..

Giddy Tiger said...

Thanks for doing the FATT tag, you "sampat" blogger you!

Simple American said...

Oops. I meant fruit. Senior moment lah! I hate when I do that. Think I was eating fish while I commented. Doh!

narrowband said...

No I didn't toss the MB, heh ;) Later kenot retrieve back -_-"

rinnah said...

l b: H O W C O M E ? ? ? Running out of space in your tummy izzit?

giddy tiger: It was my pleasure to do the tag! *muacks*

simple american: LOL! No lah, you were just distracted. I do that too sometimes! *sheepish grin*

narrowband: Aiyoh... the moment slipped away like that... I wanna throw mine! *grin*