Thursday, August 16, 2007

More bits, bobs and floating boats

Life has been rather boring of late. Nothing much to see, do, say or even write - beyond paid posts, that is. Thank goodness for tags to do! But even that has run out now. What to yak about?

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to come up with a full on review of my new phone. But I feel like procrastinating for a bit on that one. Leave that for next week, ok? I wanna make it a detailed and perfect review. In the meantime, I'll just play around with it some more. Still haven't fully explored what it can do.

Supposed to post my foodie experience at Eden over at the Makan Hut, but the draft's at home in my laptop. So that'll have to wait for now. Let's just say I wouldn't recommend their Merdeka dim sum promotion. *bleargh* On the other hand, I need to lose some weight! *pokes tummy* Yep, all that fat has gotta go.

Did a number of posts over at Just Being Malaysian, but nothing else funny to write about the (comics) news anymore. H O W C O M E no fresh news to write about? W H Y? *shakes head sorrowfully* Then again, no news is good news, hor?

Hmm, a funny tidbit for the day. I heard the Emperor suffered a near heart attack this morning, no thanks to his kai mui, wennnn. Hehehehe. He must've "pengsan-ed" after, eh? Just kidding. Ehon, where is your "de-pengsan-ing potion"? And I thought you were supposed to come up with some hyppy pills for me? Mana?

I am so addicted to FaceBook... what with food fights, super poke, 101 quizzes to take, drinks to buy, flowers to give, etc etc etc. The King of Siam would never be bored with FaceBook, methinks. But I find that eventually the profile page gets so cluttered. Cannot see what I want to see unless I close all the applications.

Talking of messy, I've been thinking of doing a redesign of my blog 'cause I want a three-column design like Giddy Tiger, but not sure how to do it in Blogger, and worried I'll destroy the links, ads, and whatnot widgets I've set in the sidebar. My itchy hands also tell me I want my own domain... but... I can wait... for now. I think. Argh!

S'kay... I have five different blogs to keep me occupied for now. Five too many blogs, I think. *sheepish grin*

Am I boring you yet? LOL!

9 spins:

angel said...

Howcum u so free and I'm so bz???

zewt said...

yeah... u seem to be posting very regularly... your boss not around ah?

Chen said...

hehehe.. how much time u spend on buku muka everyday? :P

rinnah said...

angel: 5 bz bz hugs for you!!!

Ahhh... but that's a secret! Shhhh...

zewt: 3 regular hugs for you!!

The secret's in having a document open constantly and furiously typing out my blogposts whenever I can snatch a spare moment! LOL! That and mind-blogging.

chen: 1 buku muka hug for you!

Hmm, I think I have FaceBook open for 3 - 4 hours daily so far?

Simple American said...

You have five blogs? Where?

For someone with nothing to write, you sure wrote a lot. :) Soon you will be the master.

Giddy Tiger said...

You blogaholic you! As if juggling 5 blogs ain't enough, samo want to change to 3-columns! HEHEHE

rinnah said...

simple american: Neh... *points to the sidebar*

Hahaha... I wonder if you all read my ramblings anyway.

giddy tiger: I want my blog to look nice mah. *grin* The current layout is beginning to feel a bit cluttered to me. Very bad case of blogoholism, I think.

Simple American said...

I do read! Even if I don't comment.

rinnah said...

simple american: I know you do... you're just so busy, rite? *hugs*

p.s. And how did I miss out replying to this comment?