Monday, August 20, 2007


I was so determined not to have a repeat episode of the other week that I sent reminder SMSes to my ex-collegemates on Friday night asking if the lunch today was on. Minutes ticked by as I waited for their reply. Ooo. 10 minutes, no reply. 15 minutes, no reply. 30 minutes, no reply. Finally... 40 minutes later - Yes, see you tomorrow. Another one responded an hour plus later. The third one, till Saturday afternoon at 12.30, still no reply. Hmm.

Anyway, I prepped myself like any serious blogger armed with not 1, not 2, but 3 cameras. Haiyoh, 2 of those cameras are in my phone leh. Made sure the batteries were fully charged and safely stowed in my bag. Somehow, I still like taking pictures with my digital camera better than my mobile phone. The feel of holding a camera is waaaaay better and the picture quality is better, no matter what. Which leads me to my new wishlist item! The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3! 7.2 megapixels and 10x optical zoom. Hehehe. I love the optical zoom feature in my camera. No digital zoom please!

It was a good lunch after all. We ended up in Marche and enjoyed a good round of natter and gossip as only girls (and old friends!) can. Hard to believe that I've known them for 4 years now. Was it really 4 years ago that I was studying for my diploma? Ooo... time flies.

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giddy tiger said...

So where are the pictures??!! Marche! Ooooh.....salivating already!
And yes, a camera is much better at taking pics!

ehon said...

yeah, where are the pictures?

angel said...

Pigcher pigcher...

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: 5 salivating hugs for you!!!

Dyk I was thinking about you as I tucked into my rosti? LOL! But no rootbeer! :o(

ehon: 3 questioning hugs for you!!

The pictures are in my camera at home lah... now posting in office what. Maybe I will put those pictures in Makan Hut. Hehe.

angel: 1 chanting hug for you!

Okie, I'll see what I can do about pictures!

may said...

ermmm... so... errr... *looks high and low*

where are all the photos leh? 3 cameras wor!

narrowband said...

lol, I don't like to take pictures using my phone too, despite the hoo-haa. It's so laggy that it's almost impractical.

OOoohhh another Lumix fan!!! :X:X

Alvin said...

mmm...i prefer handphone camera wor. more convenient i think. but only 2megapixel la.

marche nice mehhh. don reli like. maybe too expensive for my $$$

rinnah said...

may: They're coming! They're coming! I couldn't get Slide to work last night. Hehe.

narrowband: Ah, I'm not the only one then who finds the phone cameras laggy? But yours got 5 megapixel camera worrrr... mine only 3.2 megapixel.

Yes, Lumix rules!

alvin: Yep, it sure is convenient, but somehow I can't live with the picture quality. Hehe.

I also feel it is a tad expensive, but once in a while ok-lah. *grin*

Alvin said...

Donno leh, i jz feel weird having to bring my wallet, my keys, my handphone, tissue paper (yea...a lot of ppl don bring this..aih), then another camera? =_=

ok la, mst admit, i don have a small n thin digicam like ixus :P

Leonard said...

so did you took a super zoom photo of the food?

the food in a line with 28mm lens?

where, where?? where is the photo?

rinnah said...

alvin: Wahhh... you carry so many things in your pockets? No wonder you don't want to carry another camera. It's ok for me... I carry bag mah. Hehe.

leonard: I did! But it's not up yet... I'm having problems accessing Slide in the office!