Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nirvana cares for you?

So I attended my uncle's memorial service last night and will be going again tonight. But I gotta admit to this. In the midst of it all, the blogger in me (blogivitis acting up!) just couldn't help but want to whip out my camera and take pictures of the place so that I could blog about it. :o( Of course I restrained myself from doing so out of respect for his family. But I can still talk about the place, right? *grin*

I'd never been to the Nirvana Hall just off Jalan Kuchai Lama and it's grand (for a funeral parlor, that is). The lobby has a flat screen tv that shows endless advertisements for the company, parlor and services - it's like the adverts that show in the karaoke joint, if you know what I mean. Just like hotels, they have that signage thingy near the lift that directs you to which parlor you're supposed to go to. The lift is morbidly long (to accomodate coffins, I suppose). And the hall which we got was excellently decorated. Plush carpeting, wallpaper and wood detail on the floor and walls. Cinema style PVC leather seats in rows (my, the chairs were comfy!) complete with drink holder in the armrest. In front they have a wall that's fully decorated with fake flowers and the picture of the deceased is in the centre and you have to walk around to the back to view. It doesn't sound so nice in words, but it was really, really posh set-up. Even the staff of the parlor walked around in suits - they were better dressed than the guests. And I'll never see the Ikea laundry bag in the same light ever again. You know the laundry stand that retails for about RM11.90 and comes in white, black and turqoise blue? They were using those very same laundry bags as trash bins. LOL!

And the advertising! Oh, that was funny. On posters with poems and phrases supposed to comfort those left behind, suddenly at the bottom you'd find a picture of Super Coffee Mix 3-in-1 and a little caption that said - to warm you up. RM1.00. Another poster touted orange peel candies at RM0.80. I think there were other posters for Shangdong peanuts and something else. Everything's all about the $$, right? Funeral parlors are no exception.

Is it morbid to say that if ever the time comes for mine I'd like to have it there?

p.s. This is NOT a sponsored post.

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angel said...

U sure no pic taken? Not even a 'stolen' one? :D

The 'packages' they have are not cheap... check out their website...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


pelf said...

Hhha, even you have "succumbed" to using the "NOY a sponsored post" tagline like I did, heh?

But then again, I'm sure nobody mistook this as a sponsored post because there isn't a link to Nirvana. Just my thoughts :)

ehon said...

memang got serious blogivitis!

zewt said...

these ppl are vultures who prey on the emotional state of the deceased family... that's my view.

narrowband said...

Despite the comfort and everything, such a place is definitely not one that you'd want to go often :p

I understand your blogivitis disorder - cuz I kinda 'mind-blogged' too during my grandpa's passing last year. But of course, I didn't think it was appropriate for online publication :)

Oh on the sponsored post thingy, I'm sure you're aware that we all know it's not a sponsored post :p The title makes it sound like one, though.

Simple American said...

Not morbid at all. Actually it is good to have this up front so there is no question of your desires. When my brother died last year I had no clue what he wanted.

I listen to how you describe that. Surprised they don't have films or a slide show of the departed on those tellies. That is another way to make some $$ in there. A person could market it as celebrating a life.

may said...

when my uncle passed on many years ago, we weren't surprised at the many "vultures" hanging around the hospital halls waiting to offer their services...

strange but true, and that is just another day of business to them.

Parisb said...

In many ways, they are just doing what we bloggers do right? *this post is sponsored by XYZ* in their case um... supermix 3-in-1 coffee? so you can stay awake in the afterlife? *shrug* LOL Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. My gran passed on 2 years ago and it was a big thing but it was in the house not a funeral parlour so there were no ads.

giddy tiger said...

I have one of those Ikea laundry bags in white. My Mom has hers in turquoise.

a^ben said...

wah.. dun say that so early wei *touch wood* :)

L B said...

Ouch! How come? My condolences, and hugs!! XXX

rinnah said...

angel: 5 "stolen" hugs for you!!!

Yeah, not even one. I was such a good girl. LOL! My uncle's one was only RM3K nia...

misha: 3 :) hugs for you!!

pelf: 1 non-sponsored hug for you!

Haha... a just in case escape clause since it does sound like I'm promo-ing them.

ehon: Yalor... waiting for you to come up with the cure mah.

zewt: Sorry you had a not-so-good experience with these type of people during your time. My family's lucky to have a trusted funeral coordinator who's done a number of funerals for us now. He's honest (well, another of my uncles makes sure he is. *grin*) and really quite helpful. But we don't want to see him any more than we can help it.

narrowband: You've got that right! But if I do have to go to such places, better done in comfort, no? *wink*

Hehe... see my escape clause explanation to pelf above.

simple american: Ooo... that is an idea, methinks! I know of another funeral that had a videographer record the whole thing...

may: Thankfully we didn't have to deal with the "vultures" because we had our own contact already! But yeah, it is just another day of business to them. Better them than me, I say!

parisb: I've experienced both the house and parlour dos and it can be a chore to clean up the house afterwards... the paper/plastic cups, peanut shells, etc... never again! Hehe.

giddy tiger: Haha... we have two of those laundry bags in my house too - white for my stuff and turqoise for my mum's stuff.

a^ben: *touch wood* Heh, I'm thinking of writing out my wishes. E.g. organ donation, etc.

l b: Thank you! *hugs back*