Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yet another quickie update

Not a proper blogpost or even the semblance of one, but just a quick one to plug the fact that I've updated my other sites... heh. If you have NBTD, you can check out the slideshows of pictures which I have finally learned to insert into Rinnah's Makan Hut and see Part One of my Nokia N80 review at Rinnah's Marketplace. That's it from me for now, be back next month with more reviews and what happened at my convocation!

p.s. Will be jaunting off to Putrajaya tomorrow morning for the floral exhibition thingy. But not staying for fireworks as the parentals don't fancy the idea of being caught in the jam. :o(

p.p.s. Happy Merdeka, everyone! Don't forget to go yellow, okay? *wink*

8 spins:

angel said...

Merdeka chup!!!

Lemme know if the floral exhibition is worth going!

Take care!

Simple American said...

I will wear a yellow shirt tomorrow to show my support for Malaysian people.


Happy Merdeka!

L B said...

Yes yes! Happy Happy!!!

Wennnn said...

Happy Merdeka!! Yellow shirt????? Not red and white meh?? Hehehheehhe

rinnah said...

angel: 5 Merdeka hugs for you!!!

The floral exhibition was okay. Not fantastic, just okay gua. Took a coupla nice shots that I'll upload onto Slide for my next blogpost. But not worth going anymore because the flowers have all wilted and are dying...

simple american: 3 supporting hugs for you!!

You're semi-Malaysian now... I think we're your adopted country. Hehe.

l b: 1 Happy Happy hug for you!

wennnn: Yellow worrr... see zewt's blog for more info. *wink*

giddy tiger said...

*waits for pics of flowers* :)

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: And you came, you saw and you chupped on that post! Teeheehee!

Christopher said...

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