Friday, August 17, 2007

Decisions, decisions

I need to make a split-second decision now but I'm waffling over it.

Do I say "Jump!" and just do it like Nike or do I stay back and regret what might've been?

Can someone help me please? *makes Puss-in-Boots eyes*


So I decided to jump. And lo and behold... the sight of concrete rushing up to greet me instead of the deep end of the pool. Hey, who drained the water?!?! Can you say S P L A T? Ouch.

Better to have hit the floor jumping than staying safe but sorry. Although I do hope there's no repercussions for my decision on Monday.

9 spins:

Wennnn said...

Just do Chup it like me!!! heheheheh

angel said...

How come??? Have faith in yrself, baby rinnah! Life is short, just do it! Good Lucky Ducky!

zewt said...

we need to know what it is right?

Giddy Tiger said...

I'll jump if you jump!

ehon said...

agrees with zewt!

but i think u've somehow said what u want..

"or do I stay back and regret what might've been"

narrowband said...

I laughed at that puss in boots expression LOL.

rinnah said...

wennnn: 5 Just Do It hugs for you!!!

angel: 3 I dunno hugs for you!!

Thanks for the Lucky Ducky, I'll sure need it!

zewt: 1 need to know hug for you!

Ahahaha... was rushing for time, couldn't fully blog about it then. But if you really need to know *hint* it's in my Spin Daily.

giddy tiger: I wanna jump, but afraid of heights! How? You hold my hand and jump with me can?

ehon: Clever boy! Yeah, better to suffer the consequences for this decision than regret later.

narrowband: Awww... Puss-in-Boots is such a nice, cute creature, isn't he? Not like me. Bwahahahaha.

may said...

ouch... I hope it didn't hurt too much, at least.

rinnah said...

may: No, it didn't hurt that much, beyond the fact that I felt foolish! And hopefully there won't be any retaliation in the near future.