Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bag it up, mate!

Paris Beaverbanks wrote that she would buy an LV bag if she had a million, just because she could. And her comment set me off dreaming about a Designer Purse of my own. I already know which one I want - a beautiful creamy Bottega bag. There's nothing a girl loves more than shoes and bags which are fashionable, and designer fashion if she can afford it is even better. is one of the places I'll go to just to oogle, dream and window shop because of their excellent style tips and good rundown on what's hot and what's not. One of the blogs by Belisi, he has a whole host of beauty and style related blogs that I can spend ages on. So tata, I'm off to look at some style!

This is a sponsored post.

10 spins:

mudpie said...

can i tumpang 1 braun buffle light green handbag??? khi khikhi

Simple American said...

There are some nice ties over there too. Can I match your bag?

Can hold a lot of dice in those too. :P

Wennnn said...

Ahhh create own handbags ah?? Hmmm I like the sound of it!!

Anonymous said...

good morning jiejie :)

have a nice and fantastic friday ok ?

rinnah said...

mudpie: 5 braun buffel hugs for you!!!

I love Braun Buffel too! Sure, one for you, one for me, k?

simple american: 3 matching hugs for you!!

Sure thing, we'll be a matching and stylish Master and Padawan... kekekekeke.

wennnn: 1 likey hug for you!

That would be really designer, hor? But does anyone want to buy a rinnah styled bag?

misha: Gooooooood morning, misha mei mei!

I'll be loving it even more when it's Saturday! Wheeeeee!

may said...

Bottega, LV, Christian Dior... just give me a bag and I'll be happy ;-)

giddy tiger said...

How I wish this post would pay enough to get one of those bags eh?

rinnah said...

may: Imitation bag from Petaling Street also can happy? LOL!

giddy tiger: Me too! PPP should put more posts that pay better for me to write about. LOL!

Leonard said...

handbag not my cup of tea lei... never mind, go there peek peek!

rinnah said...

leonard: Go see! Go see! Maybe you can find something for your girlfriend!