Sunday, August 05, 2007

A wish comes true

I am so super happy.

Finally, I can cross off one of the items on my wishlist - a Nokia N80 internet edition phone. Wheeeee! Yes, I can now surf on the move for free anywhere there is wifi. And I can blog on the go. And I get to take really cool pictures with the 3-megapixel camera. And... this is gonna sound so suaku but I have mp3 ringtone now! Bliss! (Full on review will be done in Rinnah's Marketplace later.)

Thanks to my wonderful papa for making this a reality for my graduation. *muacks*

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angel said...

woohoo! congratulations! a cool phone! enjoy it, savour it! :D

mudpie said...

*boink boink* we can 3G each other .. weeeee .. *hugs*

Parisb said...

That is so superduper cool! Congrats and enjoy playing with it. I'll be expecting full reviews !

pelf said...

Congrats on the new phone and your graduation! :)

narrowband said...

Hurrraahh!!! We can Video-call liao now!! So.. *clears throat wipes sweaty palm* whats your num ah? :P:P

Wennnn said...

Waaa nice wor!! Ur papa is real cool la.. wish I hv my papa to get me a phone!!

may said...

waaaa! WAAAAA!! your Papa's a great papa! can I share him too?

I'm still waiting for Sugar Daddy to gimme iPhone... *sigh*

a^ben said...

YAY!! new phone!!! graduate dy?? congratulations~!!!

ah benben also wan new phone leh` aiyoksss

mistipurple said...

wheeee you got new toy!!
congrats btw on your graduation. :)

rinnah said...

angel: 5 cool savouring hugs for you!!!

Tengkiu! I've been playing with it all yesterday night and today too... *giggle*

mudpie: 3 3G hugs for you!!

Hehehe... I need to figure out how to work the phone first, k?

parisb: 1 superduper cool hug for you!

Lemme explore all the cool stuff hidden inside first, k? I promise full reviews once I'm done!

pelf: Tengkiu! It's a happy occasion, to be sure...

narrowband: Hurrah for new phones! Hehehe... how to work the video-call function ah? Press which button? LOL!

Will email you num... *grin*

wennnn: Nice hor? I lup my papa so so so much!

may: Me papa's the best! *grin* I'm such a daddy's girl. *blush* Can.... more love to go around!

a^ben: Yeah! Graduate after two years of blood, sweat and tears you know... LOL!

ah benben got advertlets moolah... can get new phone dy!

mistipurple: Yes, new toy! I've been playing with the video and music player... I still can't believe it's able to do that AND surf the net... *pinch self* Ouch! Ok, it's real all right! LOL!

Winn said...

i wan i wan. can borrow sekejap? i only wanna surf rinnah's...can ar? i promise i wont blog hop. :P

Simple American said...

Your pappa is so nice. Is this what we chat over the other day?

I have some serious phone envy. Only one way to cure. Must phone shop.

ehon said...

wahhh!! congrats! yeah, ur papa so nice. my fon i have to buy myself.. :( although i've been changing phones almost once a year. :P

Anonymous said...

jiejie rinnah ...

good morning to you!

Giddy Tiger said...

Whoopeee! New phone! And it looks cool too!
Congratulations on your graduation!

Giddy Tiger said...

Here's my graduation present for you:

Chen said...

wah... new gadget
so syiok
congrats congrats :D

L B said...

I love you more and more each day, especially with new toys!

rinnah said...

winn: Wanna surf? *click click press press* Ta dah! Rinnah online...

simple american: He's the bestest papa evah! (excepting yourself, of course...) Haha... I haven't figured out how to MSN people using my phone yet. We were chatting on my laptop the other day.

ehon: *grin* All my phones have been bought by my dad. And he pays my phone bills too (paid by company mah).

misha: Good Wednesday morning, misha dear!

giddy tiger: Cool hor? Now when we meet we can take pictures of food together using our phones...

Only 2 1/2 weeks more to go for convocation! Wheee!

A tag? I'll get cracking on it soon, I promise!

chen: Yah, but kennot play Monopoly on it... how?

l b: Aren't new toys fun fun fun? I'm waiting for you to get the iPhone!