Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Quickie update

It's been a crazy week since I last updated my blog. Busy busy busy then sick sick sick. *bleargh*

Convo was... not what I expected. It was so hot it gave me a freaking headache and the stuffy black robe didn't help either. Will blog about that later... once I get around to editing my pics.

Healing crusade was great! *grin* But I was so tired from the hectic weekend that I fell ill immediately on Sunday night. Aiyo... I'm the one who needs healing now.

On the stroke of midnight on Sunday I was stricken with Angel's hurricane... which led to some pretension to the throne, followed by gastric pains that had me curled up in a little ball come Monday morning. Off to the doctor, got my MC, lunch, then back to college to return the graduation robes (silly college! Grrrrrr....), banking errands, dinner, grocery shopping. Later that evening, the slight beginnings of fever... which turned into...

Full fledged fever and chills on Tuesday! But still I dragged myself to work until I felt I could hardly stand due to the cold aircon in office before I gave up and dragged myself home and to the doctor again for the second time in two days. Where the idiotic doctor said there was nothing wrong with me - despite my exhibiting symptoms of fever, pain, the beginnings of a runny nose and a sore throat. Bah! Still managed to get my MC anyway and crawled back home to drop dead on the couch. Slept a bit, woke up and had like two bites of bread and medicine, went back to sleep, woke up, threw up everything, took medicine again, threw up again, went back to sleep. Woke up and surfed the net for a bit, read about going yellow, watched a bit of telly, had a small half bowl of porridge (yech!) for dinner, took medicine and went back to slumberland.

This morning, woke up feeling rather bouncy since the fever and chills were gone, but forgot about the lingering side effects of gastric and stomach bug. Pounding headache that feels like a mini migraine didn't help matters and I felt queasy all the way in to office. Even after I took my anti-vomiting pills, antibiotics and what not, it didn't do the trick and I threw up all my meds just before lunch. *bleargh* Luckily I felt better after that and could even eat a little bit of the rice, chicken and veggies to fill my very empty tummy. A quick 15 min nap at lunch hour revived me somewhat and I tentatively took another round of meds. As of writing this blog entry, it hasn't come back up yet, even though the tummy's still queasy and the head still pounds like there someone's twisting the nerves behind and just above my left eye.

Over 600 new items in my Bloglines feedreader! *pengsan* That's like 100 new entries a day. Boy, you guys sure are productive, eh? Beg your pardon as I try to catch up on all that's been happening over the past week... I may or may not leave comments as regularly as I used to but I still do read each and every one of your posts.

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angel said...

Alamak... get well soon while I chup first! :p

angel said...



Go see another doc, ok?


Paris said...

Get well soon! Miss our bouncy lil Rinnah :)

Chen said...

sorry to hear that :(
hope u get well soon

narrowband said...

WAH! Sounds damn combo man your weekend. You found a good friend in the doctor, too. Have some well deserved rest and I hope you recover completely really soon (in time for fireworks?). Go easy on the blog catch-ups... (I take my own sweet time on Google Reader all the time :p).

Simple American said...

Hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you have been going at a hectic pace.

What is this "going yellow" that you read about?

Alvin said...

saw the word MC and i thought someone tried to fake a MC again. hahahaa.

take care ya. drink more water n get well soon

Wennnn said...

Hope U get well soon.... drink more more water and rest more ya!! Hugssss.

ehon said...

awww.. poor rinnah!! u get well soooooonn..!!

Leonard said...

no worries of lack of comments..most importantly is to get well soon...

the weather is playing at us, morning rain, afternoon can super sun shine!

take care, once recover hope to see ya commenting around again! :)

Giddy Tiger said...

You poor dear! I knew something was wrong when your comments didn't come as quick as they used to.
Rest more and I bet blogging helps alleviate nausea somewhat...

rinnah said...

angel: 5 getting well hugs for you!!!

Didn't see another doc in the end... decided to let nature run its course. Hehe.

paris: 3 bouncy hugs for you!!

I'm almost back to normal now... just a lil' slower than before (not that before was very fast anyway! Kekekeke!)

chen: 1 getting well hug for you!

Hahaha... I am still OK enough to wanna pick a fight with you on Facebook. LOL!

narrowband: Friend in the doctor? I dunwanna friend him... he don't give me MC one. Humph! *sulks*

I'll be in Putrajaya sometime over the weekend for some floral fest thingy... trying to persuade the parentals to stay for the fireworks. Heh.

simple american: Yeah, like a spinning top that won't stop!

Yellow is something you can read off zewt's blog here. For Malaysians (and semi-Malaysians like yourself?)...

alvin: Chey! I very good girl one... no fake MC for sure. LOLOL!

I'm going easy on the water because it tends to come up when I drink too much at one go.

wennnn: You no cook chicken soup for me to get well ah? *grin*

ehon: Yeah, I pom chak chak my way to health! Wheeeeee!

leonard: Weather can be freaky nowadays... suddenly hot, then suddenly rain... makes me sneeze! Achoo!

Will be doing my rounds super soon!

giddy tiger: Hehehe... suddenly I wasn't chupping 1st, 2nd or 3rd spot over at your blog eh?

The nausea's almost gone today, as is the headache... but eating and drinking is still much of an experiment...

may said...

aiyoyo... hope you're back in action again, 101%!! blogland can wait. we sit patiently here and teman your blog in the meantime, ya? *hugs*

rinnah said...

may: I'm raring to get back, but still recovering slowly. Heh. Thanks for teman-ing my lil' bloggie while I'm away!