Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dial me up to Australia please!

I have so many more reasons to want to go to Australia now. Not just for holidays in Australia, but to visit these people whom I consider my friends... First, I wanna visit May in Sydney. Then I wanna go to Adelaide to visit Ehon. Then I'll head over to Perth to see my cousin sister who's studying there. Finally I'd come back to Sydney to see my cousin brother who just moved there for work. That should take me, oh, I think around one month? One week in each place. *grin*

But flights to Australia aren't exactly the cheapest thing, so I need to be shopping around for the best deal. Did you know the DialAFlight offers you the opportunity to tailor make your holidays? This leading independent UK travel company is chock-a-block full of useful information that I can use to shape my travel plans. From cheap flights to holiday offers, I'm sure they'll be able to arrange for me an itinerary that will cover all I want to see and do. (Hey, you guys in Australia can cover the eating bit, right? *wink*) Hotel accomodation and even car rental can be done by DialAFlight so you don't have to worry about a single thing and just enjoy your holiday.

But actually, I don't just want to visit Perth, Sydney and Adelaide. I want to go to all the places that I've read about too. Melbourne, Queensland and... Gold Coast, here I come! Woohoo! (p.s. Anyone wants to sponsor me? Heheh.)

This post is brought to you by DialAFlight.

7 spins:

LB said...

Fly me to the moon.... and let me play amongst the chups...

Wennnn said...

Chup chup chup... I wannna fly to see my Khai Mui in Aussie can ahh?

Anonymous said...

i want to go and see jiejie May too!!!!

Ah Boy said...

ah boy also wanna go Oz

giddy tiger said...

I'll thumb a ride in your luggage, can?

may said...

dial it up, and come visit!

rinnah said...

l b: 5 moon flying hugs for you!!!

You're still in the August chup list, not to worry. *grin*

wennnn: 3 chup chup chup hugs for you!!

Let's all go visit May, okay?

misha: 1 visiting hug for you!

Do you think you'll fit into my luggage? I don't have big enough pockets to let you hide inside. *grin*

ah boy: Wanna stowaway in my pocket? *grin*

giddy tiger: Hmm... can you fit in there together with Misha?

may: Soon soon! *bip bo beep beep* *dialling DialAFlight*