Thursday, August 02, 2007

Autumn leaves are falling, falling

Even though Malaysia has no four seasons, somehow I always equate the month of August with autumn! It must be because both words start with A and U... and that reminds me of Little Miss May in Australia. *grin*

It's time to shed some leaves reveal the blog-hoppers who have been raking in points for July at this branch of The Hug Hug Club! *drumroll*

In first place, a very young and pretty maple tree, it's Misha with 32 hug hug points!!!

In second place duet, a silver and a poplar tree, Angel and Leonard with 28 hug hug points each!!

And in another tie, a walnut and a flame tree, Paris Beaverbanks and Chen with 23 hug hug points each!

Other trees of the forest were...

4th - L B with 20 hug hug points
5th - May with 19 hug hug points
6th - Zewt with 14 hug hug points
7th - Giddy Tiger with 11 hug hug points
8th - Ehon with 8 hug hug points
9th - Pink Elle, sengkor, Narrowband with 6 hug hug points
10th - mistipurple, mudpie, Wennnn with 5 hug hug points
11th - kyh, Winn, Ah Boy with 3 hug hug points
12th - a^ben with 2 hug hug points
13th - Simple American with 1 hug hug point

Congratulations to all the hardworking chuppers! To those who didn't get their name up there, try again this month, okay?

15 spins:

Simple American said...

Rats. I am barely a seed. ;)

But I am starting August off right with this sprout of a chup. *HUGS*

Chen said...

*adjust spect*
unbelievable leh coz i get high marks :P

zewt said...

ahhh... i made it again! :)

angel said...

wah!!! this is my 3rd medal/ribbon for july! wheeeeee!!!

thanks! hugs to all!

mistipurple said...

hehe. lucky my name at least up there. *phew*

Wennnn said...

Wah I did it this month!!! Yayyyyy I am on the list!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! Misha #1 .. look again . yeah . my name is there!!! hehehe :)

me is kiasu hahahaha .. :) thank you jiejie !!!

rinnah said...

simple american: 5 sprouting hugs for you!!!

Yup, you'll definitely be more than a seed this month. *grin*

chen: 3 unbelievable hugs for you!!

You'd better believe it coz' your name is there!

zewt: 1 lucky hug for you!

And with this third placing, you'll be there again this month!

angel: Yeah, you made the podium! Wheeeeeeee!

mistipurple: You'll be up there this month too! All you need is one chup...

wennnn: Yay, you did it! At the last minute too, you know... almost the last post. Hehehe.

misha: That was some fantastic chupping, mishmish! You had five first place chups for an unassailable lead of 25 points!

ehon said...

wahhh!! not bad not bad. i made it to the list! :D

may said...

such pretty autumn leaves! we don't have much of those here, the Canadian maples that give off such beautiful warm autumn hues.

and winter is almost ending, spring coming soon... lots of flowers, yay!

giddy tiger said...

Yeppers! Made it to the list again! Next stop: Top THREE!

rinnah said...

ehon: Yeah... even with a flying trip back to Kuching you still made the list!

may: Pretty hor? I wish we had four season in Malaysia just for the scenery. LOL!

Does spring mean that you'll be taking more pictures? Yippee!

giddy tiger: Uh huh, you're on the list again! Next stop, top three! Toot toot! *rings the train whistle*

Leonard said...

OMG... i dropped out of the list this month... me slacker liao..

must work harder! :)

narrowband said...

Hurrah!! I'm still in the list! I thought I dropped out liao!

rinnah said...

leonard: Eh? I think you didn't read the list properly! You're in joint second place with angel leh...

narrowband: And so you are! Make sure you're in the August list also, ok?