Sunday, August 19, 2007

0 to 180 in ten

No, I'm not talking about a car that can rev from 0 to 180kph in ten seconds. (Sorry to disappoint the guys! LOL!)

It's the amount I spent in ten minutes in a mad rush at the Hush Puppies Happy Hour sale. I thought happy hours were only for drinks in bars, but evidently the folks at Hush Puppies decided it should apply to clothes on sale too. What they do is give you an additional 20% off your discounted items bought during the hour. I only found out about it in the last fifteen minutes, so I have never shopped faster in my life before. Grab, consider and keep or either throw back into the pile of less 50% items. Luckily, dad was around to obligingly help queue up while I rooted around. Six items of clothing amounting to about RM180.00 in ten seconds. Ooo-er. But they're all pretty good buys so I'm happy.

psst... Gals - I hear they're going to be repeating the happy hour every day until 02 September. I'm not sure if it applies to all HP stores, but definitely to the one in Subang Parade. I plan to go back for a more leisurely hunt on one of the remaining weekends. *grin*

14 spins:

Anonymous said...

hellooooooooo jiejie rinnah :)

may said...

oooh, I'm just in time for the sale, then! whee!

angel said...

Heh... err... woof!

rinnah said...

misha: 5 helloooooooo hugs for you!!!

Why aren't you in bed yet, sweetie? :o)

may: 3 just in time hugs for you!!

It's really worth it cos' HP apparel is pretty good quality!

angel: 1 woof hug for you!

Did you switch identities with Ah Boy? *grin*

narrowband said...

why the psst part oni for gals ah? i oso interested! ;(

I will go check it out some time soon! Will they indicate/announce that it's the happy hour?

ehon said...

at wad time? i think my mum's in KL. she'll be really happy to know. lol!

mistipurple said...

HP i like too. daddy so sporting! :)

Wennnn said...

Waaa U memang kaki shopping ah!! So keng one ah?

Giddy Tiger said...

Wow...that would certainly bode well for any shopaholic! And that's pretty super duper fast shopping for you, yes?

rinnah said...

narrowband: Ahahaha... I didn't know you were also interested. Most guys are shop-a-phobic. LOL!

The sales assistants and the cashier will tell you loudly that the happy hour is now on. But I guess you can also ask them when is it.

ehon: I'm not sure if the time varies from day to day, but when I went yesterday it was between 4.00 - 5.00pm at the Subang Parade outlet.

mistipurple: What's not to like about HP? Love the mascot too!

Yeah, he was rather bemused at the way I shoved stuff into his arms to hold whilst in the queue. LOL!

wennnn: Normally not like this one! But... I was afraid to lose out on the good deals. Kiasu mah!

giddy tiger: It's like waving the red flag in front of the bull! I've never shopped so fast before!

pelf said...

Do you know that they have Happy Hour sale too?

Alvin said...

all Hush Puppies shops have happy hour sales? =_= seriously i donno =_=

rinnah said...

pelf: I just only found out on Sunday that HP has happy hour sale. Any other shops that have it?

alvin: Hi and welcome to my blog! Yeah, it's only for the Mega Sale period until 02 September 2007.

Anonymous said...

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