Sunday, August 19, 2007

I need a place to stow my stuff

I've been thinking a fair bit about redecorating my bedroom lately. You see, there's just so much stuff in my room that I need more space to keep it. And I thought to myself, what about a storage bed? Such a bed normally has two (or more) drawers underneath the bed so that you can stow your stuff and make use of the extra space there.

I randomly browsed's
sectional furniture to the bedroom segment and saw a number of bedroom sets that had under bed storage but none that appealed to me. Sure, there were a lot of designs to choose from in a myriad of different styles and colors, and even a number or two that I liked, but didn't fulfil my requirement of under bed storage

That is until I came across this set. This is a bedroom set with a difference. A
queen storage bed, selling at 50% off for a limited time only. With sturdy birchwood construction with an oakey finish would blend in well with my current bedroom furniture, it has eight (yep, count 'em) drawers for storage underneath the bed. That's a lot of stuff I can chuck and hide underneath, don't you think? *wink*

Now if only they were available in Malaysia. I guess I'll have to shop for a local rubberwood alternative then.

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may said...

I wouldn't mind that extra storage under my bed! but errr... makes it kinda high to climb into, eh? ;-)

Wennnn said...

Wahhh I kinda like tat bed la.. Too abd la here is not my hse is rented one!!

LB said...

The solution is to get rid of all that stuff.. how come?

giddy tiger said...

I have not seen any tasteful designs in Malaysia actually. Did you check if they do ship here? hehehe

rinnah said...

may: 5 extra storage hugs for you!!!

That's the fun part, climbing into bed! I hope no one falls off the bed though. *grin*

wennnn: 3 likey hugs for you!!

Maybe next time when you get your own home?

l b: 1 solution hug for you!

But... but... but... I cannot! Hahahaha.

giddy tiger: Malaysian designs are actually not very nice, I have to say. Unless they ciplak-ed the design from some foreign brand! Hahaha.

Yeah, they only ship within US. So, unless I get a local to ciplak it...