Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New phones, old phones...

My family's been on a phone buying spree of late. Why? Cos' we all upgraded our phones. LOL! First up was me. Remember I blogged about my dad getting me a new Nokia N80 Internet edition? Hehehe.

Then, dad decided that he wasn't very happy with his O2 PDA phone (the phone reception's lousy), so he went and got a Dopod 818 Pro on Saturday. Yet another PDA phone, so he's lugging both around at the moment! *rolls eyes*

So because we both had new phones, my mum mentioned that her phone (Nokia 3100?) was old and the battery needed replacing etc. So guess what? Yup. We got her a new phone on Sunday. The Nokia Classic 3110. (We're a primarily Nokia phone family, if you haven't guessed by now.)

We're all still learning how to work our phones, because mine and mum's is under the new Nokia interface, which is slightly different from the one we're used to. My mum actually called me up in the middle of yesterday because she couldn't figure how to SMS me! But, she did learn how to use the camera, and I expect it won't be long before she starts clicking away. Hmmm... a potential blogivitis convert? LOLOL!

So right now we have two old Nokia phones to be sold off - mine and Mum's. Both are Nokia 3100 (I think that's the phone model, but I'm not sure, have to check), and still in pretty good shape (may need to get new batteries though). Comes complete with individual original charger, user manual and box. Anyone wanna buy? Price negotiable (depends on market rate). *grin*

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ehon said...

ur family kenak phone-ivitis! serious wei. lol!

mudpie said...

dangerous!!! it infectious .. from dad to you and now mum hahahhah

angel said...

Nokia, connecting people...

*high 5*

Anonymous said...

misha loves SAMSUNG because it is Dad's co deals with them .. hahahaha

zewt said...

looks like a lot of ppl are changing phones lately... perhaps i should change mine too? wow... your whole family changing... very united la your family.

Wennnn said...

Ahhhh everyone is changing phones.. I am still waiting for mine to be out... I wan SE K850i....

a^ben said...

i wanna change fon toooooo!!! i dun mind receiving an o2 for christmas this yr ahahahh

Chen said...

now is the changing phone season?
i just changed mine a year ago.. ;)
hehhee.. one year only mah.
not so long yet :P

i still keep my old phone "standby" for emergency use, just in case if current phone gives me problem..

Simple American said...

So am I related now that I got Nokia too? Or was it the force? :D

L B said...

iPhone... iPhone... iPhone.. Lormaikai.. Lormaikai..

L B said...

iPhone... iPhone... iPhone.. Lormaikai.. Lormaikai..

healy said...

Waw... very strong family ties... haha... change handphone also must together! haha...

We used to be nokia supporters too. Whole family as well. Then, all of the sudden, I shift to Sony two years ago before Christmas! Now... everyone in hte family are using different brands... haha... why ar? *Healy Scratching her head*

giddy tiger said...

*jaw drops*
More similarities! I'm a Nokia phone addict too!

may said...

I'm tempted to replace my cranky Nokia with a new one, but... iPhone! iPhone! iPhone!

rinnah said...

ehon: 5 phone-ivitis hugs for you!!!

Yaloh... serious case. But good thing it only happens once in a blue/purple moon!

mudpie: 3 infectious hugs for you!!

Hahaha... the only one infected is dad... cos' he's the one buying all the phones for us! LOL!

angel: 1 hi*5 hug for you!

Wheeee... another Nokia fan!

misha: But Misha's daddy got an iPhone... *grin*

zewt: Hahaha... change lah... prices are dropping even as I type... United meh? Just so happened to change all at one go mah.

wennnn: I saw the specs for that one... the camera very geng, hor? 5 megapixels... same as the N95.

a^ben: I heard O2 Atom very cheap now... hehehe... Ask Advertlets to sponsor you lah!

chen: My phone was 3 years old... a bit outdate liao. *grin* We used to keep our old phone on standby until got no value to resell!

simple american: It must be both! You're my American parallel family AND my Jedi Master mah... *grin*

l b: Yes, faster get the iPhone! I thought you were all lormaikai'd out? LOL!

healy: Wakakakaka! No lah... coincidence only. Me and my mum don't use any other brand phone beside Nokia. But my dad will try this brand and that brand one. *rolls eyes*

giddy tiger: I know you are! Both you and Pete are using Nokias, right?

may: Yes, faster iPhone! Then you, lb and misha will be same geng... LOL!