Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In pursuit of good grades

I just had a conversation with my colleague today wherein she lamented the fact that her school-going son was most lazy to complete his school assigned homework, much less his tuition work. Tutoring seems to be the trend nowadays as parents send their kids for tuition in order to ensure that they get good grades and exam results. Even kindergarden age kids are going for tuition! With the mushrooming tuition centers easily available at every garden, how do you know that your kids are being taught by proper professionals? (And I don't mean moonlighting teachers at their second jobs.)

If it were my kid in question, I'd choose a tutoring option like TutorVista.com, where the tutoring is done online, one-on-one by certified professionals who have graduate degrees and undergone hours of training before they are allowed to tutor. English, math, science, homework help and even examination prep for exams like SATS are all covered and the beauty of online tutoring is that you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. One on one attention assures greater effectiveness than 30 kids under 1 stressed out teacher and best of all, the tutoring program can be personalized based on initial assessments or school/college curriculum.

Come to think of it, I would have liked this service myself during my undergraduate studies! *grin*

5 spins:

mudpie said...

well, it all depends. we turn up to be good, dun we??? heheheh

H O W C O M E!!!

zewt said...

wow... for a while... i didnt know this was a sponsored post... very deceiving...

giddy tiger said...

Kids have too many tuition classes these days. Online tuition is the next thing huh?

may said...

sometimes I wonder if I would've done better without tutors... hmmmmm...

rinnah said...

mudpie: 5 good hugs for you!!!

Hehe... yeah, just turn up. I dunno how come worrr... LOL!

zewt: 3 wow hugs for you!!

So is being deceived for a moment a good thing or a bad thing? *grin*

giddy tiger: 1 too many hugs for you!

Looks like they're trying to make online tuition the next big thing. But I don't know whether it will take off in Malaysia.

may: And I wonder if I would've done better with tutors! *grin* We'll never know, eh?