Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm making a list...

... and checking it twice!

Now my dad's not that much of a handyman tinkerer type, but he still has a lot of tools laying around the storeroom in the house. I for one, do not comprehend why he needs three different types of hammers and at least a dozen screwdrivers with assorted hooks, nails, screws, blah blah blah in four different toolboxes. As I'm starting on my search for Christmas gifts for him, I wonder if he'd appreciate a heavy duty workbench toolbox from Car Guy Garage? He can store all his tools in one place - no more searching in four different toolboxes - and best of all, mum will be happy that all the "junk" is out of the way!

Yep, sounds good to me. *makes note on shopping list*

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7 spins:

mudpie said...

i agree!!! (talking from my own experience) it will the most superb-handy gift!!

*kiss kiss*

Wennnn said...

Chup chup can ah for handyman!!

giddy tiger said...

For guys, the more tools, the merrier!

Anonymous said...

good morning jiejie!

zewt said...

really too early for christmas shopping la...

may said...

one of the few things my dad would really appreciate these days are a pack of ciggies and a drink... oh, and a camping trip! lol!

rinnah said...

mudpie: 5 kiss kiss hugs for you!!!

Since you have experience, is it angchai who leaves his tools lying around the house? *grin*

wennnn: 3 handywoman hugs for you!!

giddy tiger: 1 merry hug for you!

So do you have the same situation with Pete? *grin*

misha: Good afternoon, Misha mei mei! How's the weather in HK?

zewt: One can never be too prepared! LOL!

may: Ask him to visit you in Australia and you can go camping together! *grin*