Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Your April Labours

This post was supposed to have been out yesterday but it was a public holiday - Labour Day (a mis-named holiday IMHO, because no labour is done on this day!) and so I was not "labouring" away at my laptop. Hahaha.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand... If you've been a regular visitor to my little corner of the web, you would have noticed those pretty T H H C™ logos on my sidebar... neh *point point to the right*

And you might have seen the strange language used in the comments of chups and hugs. *grin* Never fear, all is revealed when it's time to announce the Gold, the Silver and the Bronze medals for the Chuppers of this T H H C™ resort. And here are the hard-working Chuppers for the month of April...

1st place Gold medal - kyh with 23 huggie points!!!
First ever joint 2nd place Silver medal - angel & may with 19 huggie points each!
3rd place Bronze medal - l b with 12 huggie points!

*hands out medals with fanfare and confetti*

Other lucky Chuppers in April:

4th - simple american with 8 huggie points
A three-way tie for 5th - a^ben, mistipurple and chen with 3 huggie points
6th - wennnn with 1 huggie point

Hope you had a good Labour Day holiday and are ready to get back in the groove now! So, chup away for the month of May!

14 spins:

kyh said...


yay yay yay! being at the top feels so nice! :D

so back from hols? ;)

a^ben said...

kekekek` not bad still can chup :D

L B said...

Wheeeee! Beginning of Months are so fun!!! Hmm, nice , nice!!! Have you seen Epi 20? OMGosh! Hurry! Visit Uncle Joe!!!!

angel said...

*dances around with maymay*

U hv to blog more so that we can chup more :D

may said...

*dances around with angel*
*and around eel*
whee!! thanks for the chups!

Wennnn said...

Yay I also not bad got chup once hor!! Hhheheheheh Happy May Day!!

Simple American said...

Glad to have made points on your blog. :)


mistipurple said...

dances with the gang! distributes free tei kors! it's a celebration here!

Giddy Tiger said...

Here's a chup to start off the month of May! I echo your sentiments on the Labor Day thingy...I used to joke that one ought to labor on Labor Day.. teeheee!

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 May hugs for you!!!

Let's see if you can top the charts this month too!

Yup, back from hols!

a^ben: 3 chupping hugs for you!!

Building up momentum for the month of May?

l b: 1 yatta hug for you!

I dunno which episode I am at now, but it's the one where George Takei guest stars as Hiro's father! So cute!

angel: Yippies for you too! *joins the maypole dance with angel and maymay*

Yup, I hope to build up blogging steam this month! On your mark, get set, CHUP!

may: You're welcome to chup more! More! MORE!

*continues dancing with angel and may*

wennnn: Must chup more! I wait for you to chup!

Happy May Day! Happy month of May!

simple american: And you got the gold chup on my favorite post - "Strange Dreams"!


mistipurple: Faster come join the celebration! Chup chup chup!

*pulls misti into the maypole dance*

giddy tiger: Hello hello! *brings welcome drink* Come chup more over at my site!

It's such a corny joke but funny, hor? *giggles*

Chen said...

i'm a good labourer cos i saw my name up there..

rinnah said...

chen: Now must labour for this month, yea? Kekekekeke...

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