Monday, April 30, 2007

My Website For A Fave!

I think ye olde English saying goes... My kingdom for a horse! So the modern translation must be... My website for a fave! Thanks to may for faving my site!!!

Wots all this faving, you ask me? Unless you're totally blur you would have heard about Technorati and their ranking of blogs. This is a good tag, especially if you want to boost your blog's exposure.

Here are the Rules:

1) Write a short introduction paragraph about what how you found the list and include a link to the blog that referred you to the list.

2) COPY the Rules and ENTIRE list below and post it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount of keywords your site can accessible for, go ahead and change the title of the blog. Just don’t change the links of the blog.

3) Take “My New Faves” and move them into the “The Original Faves” list.

4) Add 5 Blogs that you’ve just added to your Technorati Favorites to the “My New Faves” section. Remember to also add the “Fave Me” link next to your new blogs (i.e.

5) Add Everyone on this list to your Technorati Favorites List by clicking on “Fave the Site.” Those who want good kharma will fave you back. If not, you will for sure get the benefits of faves from the bloggers who continue this list after you.

My Faves:
zewt - Fave the site

The Original Faves:


17 spins:

kyh said...

wah i'm so proud u fav me!

*kichi kichi ya ya da da*

*mocha chocalata ya ya*


L B said...

Fave Fave Fave Fave Favin' Alive, Favin' Alive..

Fave more, Fave far, Fave wide!!!

may said...

oooo, cool faves! I wanna fave Ah Boy the wonderdog! and misti! *does the favin' alive jig*

Wennnn said...

Hehehehh done it liao let the list go on... Yes yes fave it fave it

zewt said...

hey rinnah... thanks for the fave! :) .... hmmm... this is like another tag? i think the chain mail phenomena in e-mail is hitting the blogosphere... no?

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 fave hugs for you!!!

Gip you encouragement to blog more, yeah?

*does a Christina Aguilera*

l b: 3 fave hugs for you!

Fave Fave Fave Fave Favin' Alive!

may: 1 fave hug for you!

I faved misti before I read the comments on your blog! Hehehe... looks like she'll have to do the cut and paste of links after all...

wennnn: Yeah, let the list continue to go on and grow!

zewt: Hey zewt! No probs, I like your site a lot! It's like a tag of sorts, I guess. Chain mail? Heaven forbid! Tags are already enough to handle! *grin*

zewt said...

yeah... plenty of hugs here and there... speaking of which, i know i owe a lot of ppl tags but i dunno who and which tag... hah!

rinnah said...

zewt: Hmm... are you saying a tag is like a hug? Then the blogosphere needs more of it... *hug* *grin*

zewt said...

ohh.... another hug? :P

rinnah said...

zewt: Uh-huh... another hug!

Chen said...

must go & tell Ah Boy liao u fave him
sure he insomnia tonight liao ;)

rinnah said...

chen: Sure must fave the site voted for Best Animal Blogger mah... LOL at the thought of Ah Boy's insomnia...

mistipurple said...

*faint again*

rinnah said...

misti: LOL! No faint, no faint! *waves smelling salts and medicated oil to revive misti*

Deborah said...

Hi there,

I stumbled across your site on another (glad I did) where you were you were listed as doing Technorati favs exchange, but couldn't find your post for it.

So I've added you to my favs :)

I would greatly appreciate if you would fav me as well.

The link to my fav is


rinnah said...

deborah: Hi! Thanks for the fave - I've faved you too!

Anonymous said...

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