Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wanna holiday?

I so want a holiday... And today's newspaper says that Wesak Day is confirmed to be on 1st May on the same day as Labor Day. This means that we'll be getting two days off. Whoopee! If I could only take the Monday off, I'd be set for a five day long weekend. Which makes checking out HotelReservations.com something to do on my to-do list. Let's see if they have anything that's suitable for a weekend jaunt!

Don't be fooled by the name, this website does just about everything for your next vay-kay. Check availability and book your hotel, your flights / car rentals online or by calling the toll-free number. I like that the website is so user-friendly it comes with options for different countries, languages and currencies. English? Check. Spanish? Check. They've even broken down the hotels by city or region, so you can zoom in quickly on the link to where you want to go - brilliant for saving time. Once there, you can opt to search by availability of room, facilities or even hotel brand name or browse thru the list of hotels till you find one that's suited to you (or a name that you like. LOL!). But that's not all. Like all good reservation websites, HotelReservations.com has a city guide that offers suggestions on where to go, what to do and see, and what to eat for each major city in its repertoire. Even better still, the website has this search feature that allows you to specify the type of vacation package you require, accomodation + air, accomodation + car, etc. Another nifty feature is the activity search, which shows you all the activities / festivities happening while you're in town. If you're on a budget, fret not because HotelReservations.com lists out the prices of all the hotels, motels and vacation homes that you're considering, so you know exactly how much you're looking at. And if you make your booking before 31 May 2007, you can even get rebates of up to $100.00 on top of their guarantee of lowest rates. With connections to over 20,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, I'm pretty sure you can find a place that's just right for you.

Now I can start planning the much hoped for trip to the Maldives sometime in the near future. Care to join me? *wink*

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may said...

I so need a holiday too. bring me along! I'll bring the muffins...

angel said...

I wanna chup!

So where u wanna go?
Or is this a PPP post?

Chen said...

i want holidays too...
waiting for end of the month

zewt said...

this is the first sponsored post that does not sound like a sponsored post...

L B said...

Waaaaa... We better hurry up and list HO KWAI FANN™ Resort there too!! I wonder how much rebate we can offer for the Imperial Suite®?... What say you?

kyh said...

YES! count me in!

and after getting baked under the sun, we'll fly to ville magnifique ~ PARIS!!!

Simple American said...

I'll just squeeze into your trunk. Can I?

Wennnn said...

Ahhhhh I also wan to go for the holiday lor... COunt me in as welll... I get my passport ready....tell me when ???

Winn said...

quote and unquote..'sometimes in the near future'

when worr. i wish i can join u but i m broke.
we are getting mon and tues off instead of tues and wed!

good for outstation ppl like me :P

rinnah said...

may: 5 muffin hugs for you!!!

Come come come... let's go cuti cuti togeder-geder...

angel: 3 PPP hugs for you!! LOL!

I wanna be anywhere but here right now. Yup, it is my first PPP post, but trying not to make it too advertisement style... after drive all of you away then how? *wink*

chen: 1 holiday hug for you!

So where you wanna go at the end of the month?

zewt: So is it a good thing or a bad thing? LOL!

It's my first attempt at a sponsored post... Hahaha... wanna make some money so that I can really take that holiday! *wink*

l b: Smashing idea! Bet it will be so attractive that you'd be booked in advance for the next 40 years minimum! You sure you wanna offer rebates and not keep the resort exclusive?

kyh: Ooh la la! Paris! Eiffel Tower! The Louvre! The beaches of Nice! Let's pop over to Venice after that, shall we?

simple american: Sure! I do hope there's enough air in there, though... *brings hammer to whack a few airholes*

wennnn: We come pick you up in UK on the way to the Maldives, ok?

winn: Aiyoh, me also near future leh... That's why need PPP! ;-P

Haiii... I'm still on Tues and Wed and no leave yet in my co as I'm still on probation. If not can get long, long weekend!

Balik kampung ah?

Simple American said...


Maybe should whack it before I get in the box. keke ;)

Winn said...

balik penang!!!

*no..stop thinking pg food...*

www.HotelReservations.com said...

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Please consider us to book your hotel needs when you and your friends travel next time.....from management of HotelReservations.com


L B said...

You been TAGGED!!! Go, Girl, Go!!

rinnah said...

Sorry I've been away from my blog for so long... having no Internet connection at home is no fun! And the office comp doesn't recognize the Blogger site...

simple american: Oops! Did I hit you! *looks apologetic*

winn: Oh, Penang kaki with chen ahh... *thinks of longkang assam laksa... drool*

www.hotelreservations.com: Uhm, thank you?

l b: I been tagged? And don't I know it... ok, it's first on my list once the Internet connection is restored!

fishtail said...

Thanks for the info on hotelreservations.com; I have used hotelclub.com before and they are not bad, but it's always good to have more than one option :)

cutiepie said...

can i come along .. we go island hopping .. *big smile*

psstt thank you for poppin by ..


rinnah said...

fishtail: Glad to be of service! :o)

cutiepie: Sure... the more the merrier! Come on Nellie and Mummy... let's go island hopping!

Thanks for coming to my blog too!

cutiepie said...

*quickly grabbing 2 big luggage ..*

rinnah said...

cutiepie: *makes space for the 2 big luggage*