Friday, April 27, 2007

Positively speaking...

I have been having lots of -ve chi this week that I thought I'd take a page out of may's blog and list down the things that give me +ve chi! So I sat here and thought for a while and for a moment I couldn't think of anything at all. Nothing came to mind! This wouldn't do, I told myself, so I sat here and cranked my brain some more... and I came up with a list of positives for next week. (This week was such a majorly -ve week that I couldn't think of anything nice to write about. Bleargh.)

I know it's +ve when...
~ The roads are clearer than normal and I reach the office 10 mins earlier than I normally would
~ Today is a Friday and that means the weekend's here! Very YAATTAAA!!!
~ Am meeting up with good friends (ex-colleagues) tomorrow for what promises to be a good time of lunching, picture-taking and gossiping
~ Not one, but TWO public holidays to look forward to
~ I get time to zzzzzz... in the mornings for four whole days (Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
~ There's a new TVB serial on telly that just started and promises to be pretty exciting to follow
~ There are only three working days in the coming week
~ The boss ain't gonna be around the whole of next week... *does a Red Indian war dance*
~ I don't have to see THAT colleague so much next week! *doubles the war dance and whooping*
~ I can dress down when I work next week *tosses away the heels and stockings*
~ I get to go home early next week *very happy*

The only thing that would make next week complete would be if I had my Streamyx restored... If not, do not be alarmed at my sudden disappearance offline! *grin, wink*

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kyh said...

My connection is js getting crappy here... Hv filed a complaint to tmnut screamyx this morning... GRRRRRRR

anyway, hope u'll be showered with lots and lotsa +ve chi!!!

let's combat the bad chi! SHOO SHOO SHOO!!!

a^ben said...

stay +ve and all will be fine :D

may said...

no matter how small the +ve chi, it's still a +ve chi! glad to see you have quite a few here to keep you going. Happy Weekend!! YAATTAAAA!!

L B said...

I had such a busy day today that I could not decide if I had a -ve or a +ve day, but I think at the end, because everything was more or less perfect, it's been quite a +ve day!!!

Big +ve HUGS for you too, and enjoy your coming holidays, if I don't see you around on Twitter!!

Paris Beaverbanks said...

The coming 2 day break is quite possibly the most +ve thing ever to happen this month :) See ya round!

kat said...

And more +ve chi is having more online friends popping in to say "HIIIII!!!!!"

P/S: Did you know you can't spread +ve chi without getting some on yourself?? Hahahaha... I'm off to spread more +ve chi!!

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 +ve chi hugs for you!!!

No matter how crappy, Streamyx is way better than dial-up... which I am resorting to for my daily Internet fix!

a^ben: 3 +ve chi hugs for you!!

It's ++ve because it's your first time chupping, hor?

may: 1 +ve chi hug for you!

We must count all the lil' +chi so that it adds up to lotsa +ve chi! YAATTAAA!

l b: I always think the end of the day is pretty +ve! LOL!

paris beaverbanks: Hi! Is this your first time here? Can't remember... LOL!

Yup, the 2 day break is an absolute godsend! Planning to take a quickie trip out of town...

kat: Oh yes, having online peeps drop by to say HI is always very very +ve! *waves hello back*

Let's keep on spreading the +ve chi!

Winn said...

i think i shld list down all the +ves too...


i'm off on monday and tues instead of tues and wed.....

shld i cheer? i will be very very envy with i see u guys getting a offday for wed when i dont wor..:( more -Ves...

rinnah said...

winn: You should! You'll feel 100% so much more +ve after you do so.

Being off today is a +ve for you because you're enjoying while I'm still working!

Hope you're having a swell time in Penang!

Simple American said...

Oh nuts! I love that photo. wakakakaa

Yaattaaa, Dude! (Combining Heroes and Lost. Don't try this at home)

Enjoy your holiday. Have to wait for the end of the month to have my holiday in US. :)

*Catches heels and stockings*
Hmmm... This calls for a foot massage. ;)

rinnah said...

simple american: Cute hor, that photo!
So cute the combination of Heroes and Lost!
On the last day of holiday now...
*enjoys foot massage* Heehee... that tickles!