Sunday, April 08, 2007

What I did on Easter Sunday

It's Easter Sunday today, a day of thanksgiving for many people all over the world. Most Easter Sundays would find me and my family in church, but seeing as how we'd already gone yesterday, this morning was time for us to carry out filial duties and visit the graves of our dearly departed. Because of events that happened last year, in one fell swoop the number of places to go had doubled from 2 to 4. A bright and early start found us on a look for fresh flowers. We visited three markets in the neighborhood before we found an Indian woman selling flowers and bought some from her at RM 2 per stalk. Apparently there is a shortage of flowers in Cameron Highlands? I guess all the visitors must have bought all the flowers in KL.

Of all the graves I visited today, I am most drawn to my maternal grandmother's. It always leaves me with a certain sense of tranquility. But I never had the opportunity to meet her as she passed away a year before I was born. From the stories I hear my uncles and my mother tell of her, she must have been one very special woman. Hers was not a very different story from most women of her generation. She was given away as a babe and single-handedly raised eight children with little or no help from others. Working all day and half the night was the story of her life and when they could, her sons tried to give her the best in life when they could afford to do so, that she could finally rest. Her time with us on earth was cut short by the effects of second-hand smoke from her husband, who ironically continued on for many a year after her passing. Words often used to describe my grandmother are always kind, loving, compassionate, fair, generous to a fault. Traits that I wish I could say I inherited from her, as her daughter (my mother) did. I can only wish that I had the experience of meeting her, knowing her and being loved by her.

If you're looking down on me from heaven Ma Ma, this post is for you, from your granddaughter.

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kyh said...

happy easter chup!!!!!

may said...

I miss my late AhPoh, AhGung, and AhYeh. and my dearest late uncle too. I'll light a candle for them in a bit... I hope they like vanilla... ;)

Happy Easter!!

L B said...

Happy Easter, rinnah..

Nice sweet post.. I miss all my grannies too...

Chen said...

have a blessed easter, rinnah.

i dunno much about my grandparents - my maternal grandma passed away during my secondary school days. My maternal grandpa & paternal grandpa & grandma passed away even at early days.. several decades ago.. We dun even have photo of my paternal grandma :(

Jo said...

Happy Easter! ;)

Wennnn said...

HAppy Easter Rinnah..

angel said...

*Bunny Hugs*

If your Mar Mar dun understand, I can help translate... ;)

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 Easter hugs for you!!!

may: 3 vanilla scented hugs for you!

Happy Easter too!

l b: 1 Easter hug for you!

chen: Blessed Easter to you too! I didn't really get to know both sets of grandparents, so I wonder at times if I missed out on anything...

jo: Blessed Easter!

wennnn: Happy Easter!

angel: Happy Easter bunny hugs!

Emmm... can you translate into Teochew? My Ma Ma speaks Teochew. :o)

Simple American said...

Happy Easter Rinnah! I'm so tardy. My apologies.

"Words often used to describe my grandmother are always kind, loving, compassionate, fair, generous to a fault. Traits that I wish I could say I inherited from her,..."

I sense these traits are inside the person that writes the words on this blog. We often choose to be our toughest critic. Don't squash your joy with worry. Keep your chin up.

It is sad that children are given away. I have read about this on a few Malaysian blogs. This always gives me a chill and I realize it might be more personal for me, as I could have been given away and was not. Have to thank my mom for that when I think of her on Mother's Day. (Not that I cannot light a candle for her today)

rinnah said...

simple american: Happy Belated Easter to you too! I saw your post... busy busy weekend for you!

That's so true that I am my toughest and worst critic. Maybe that's why I'm frequently pessimistic! LOL!

It's a frequent occurance during the previous generations, especially when there were too many children in the family. Nowadays, we read of babies being abandoned at temples, mosques, hospitals and schools, which is equally saddening.

Bernard said...

You went to the grave on Easter.. woww.. I was half thinking you might find the "stone rolled back".

I miss my granma too.

rinnah said...

bernard: Hello! *waves* Welcome to my blog! *brings welcome drink*

Yup, around Easter time is the only time we actually go to visit family graves. Maybe one day we will make a trip to Israel to see the original "stone rolled back"!

Bernard said...

That would be a nice trip actually. :-)