Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I found this picture on the Internet. It accurately sums up what I feel life should be about - doing my best and enjoying it. And this should apply to every aspect of my life, not just parts of it. Impossible? Maybe. But I'll certainly do my darndest. I'll be taking some time to figure out my new goals, aims, priorities and objectives. Hopefully, I'll list it out on this blog when that happens. *wink*

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LB said...

• Peaceful Rest
• Sweaty Play
• Fabulous Music
• Out of this World Sex
• Amazing Food
• Fresh Towels
• .. I'm still at work, on a Tuesday..

Simple American said...

I think this is so true. Though I am not living it yet.

Try some Steven Covey books. They are good for setting goals and objectives. Very task oriented. I suggest his Seven Habits.

Go be incredible. I always feel energized by your words when you are writing in a positive mode.

kyh said...


zewt said...

shouldnt u be doing this during new year?

angel said...

Aren't you enjoying yourself at the Imperial Palace already?? :D

sengkor said...

i always thought the ultimate goal is when pirez pass a ball from mid-field and then headed by henry straight into the goal..

may said...

good luck! it's never impossible. just a little bit of encouragement and lots of determination, and you'll get there... :)

rinnah said...

l b: 5 Tuesday hugs for you!!! (Oops, it's now Thursday.)

simple american: 3 positive hugs for you!!

I was at the Stephen Covey website right after I read your comment and created my own mission statement. Twice. Hahaha... I am incorrigible!

Trying very hard to stay positive! *hugs*

kyh: 1 last hug to give out to you!

zewt: I should have, but I didn't. I made resolutions, but didn't set any goals for myself to achieve. Not really, lah. So I need some direction in my life!

angel: Hai... Imperial Palace is getting a bit too sexciting, no? *wink* Not good for stressed out folk like me... Ahahaha!

sengkor: Ahhhh! Arsenal fan! Enemy! Ahahaha...

No no no, the ultimate goal is Giggs running down the left wing from the midfield leaving defenders in his wake before he plants it into the net! (FA Cup semi-final, 1999) *wink*

may: *men at work* I gotta keep on movin'...

Little by little I'll get there! With you, of course!

Winn said...

the pic shouts ' yay!!'

rinnah said...

winn: Let's shout "Yay!" together!

Simple American said...

Two mission statements?


Are you Gemini?

rinnah said...

simple american: Yup! They have two different types, so I filled both up. :o)

I'm not a Gemini, I'm a water bearer! *wink*