Monday, April 02, 2007


I realize that I've been very inactive of late - in almost every part of my life. And all this inactivity has led me to slow down tremendously. I talk slower, eat slower, think slower, drive slower, I even walk slower! *imagines an upside-down sloth in the jungle* The only upside to all this inactivity is that the pace of life is very much less hectic and stressed (except for the very brief periods of stress in the office daily).

I think the effect of all this inactivity is showing, because I am getting lazy! Lazy to think much. Lazy to do much. Just what I need to do to get through the day. I still haven't found my aim in life, so there isn't much spark to get me going to do what I need to do and go to the places I should go. I thought I would enjoy this time of inactivity after the stresses of the past three years, but now I find that I actually long for something meaningful and productive to do. Like my life and my work actually mean something to somebody somewhere.

I didn't use to be like this. Three years ago I was on a mission - to study and get my degree while simultaneously working. I had plans to get a car, plans to change jobs. All of which I accomplished in short order because I set my mind to it. Now that it's been there, done that, I don't know what else to do.

So my gear's in neutral and I'm just coasting along. I'm waiting for the next road sign to come up and see if I should turn off or not. Or maybe I should draw my own map and go where I want to go. If I know where I want to go, that is.

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may said...

inactive? you're sooo active on this blog! LOL!! that's still activity, yea? it's getting colder here, which means I should be going into hibernation soon... now, there's inactivity for ya. zzzz... zzzz...

angel said...

Errmmm... Maldives?

*draws a Rainbow Bridge*

kyh said...

chup chup 1st.

LB said...

Maldives sounds like a good mission... Yes.. Maldives, ....
Hey, don't forget we all go around in cycles, so when you're in neutral now, doesn't mean you're gonna be stuck there forever *fingers crossed*, so get ready for the next big wave!!!!!!!! Ya! Now breath in deep... breath out again... deep once more...

Chen said...

help u to shift to second gear and then later 3rd gear... (I drive manual car mah...)

Simple American said...

You like writing. Your words are nicely put together. Can you do it for a complete book? With all of this time maybe thats an option.

zewt said...

sounds like a quarter life crisis... but i guess you're too young for such...

we all have such instances in our lives... when we feel working is meaningless (it is actually), that the world is not as perfect as we think it is... and that we are too small to actually make a different.

at the end of the day... we just need to do all that's necessary to .... survive.

kyh said...

Can u be more inactive than me???

I'm getting more and more lazy nowadays. SIGH~~~

a^ben said...

lols` looks like everyone's got the bug eh` :D

rest rest a while then will become active liaw leh

rinnah said...

may: 5 very active hugs for you!!!

I guess this does count for some activity. *grin* This is my outlet of expression.

*joins may in hibernation*

angel: 3 rainbowy hugs for you!!

Ooo... Maldives sounds like a great idea!

kyh: And the last hug goes to you!

l b: Agreed, Maldives is a great idea!

*takes deep breaths and +chi from l b*

chen: Errr... car now stationary worrr... no need to engage 1st gear first meh? Kekekekeke!

simple american: I'd love to write, but I dunno what to write about... how about a bookful of my ramblings?

zewt: I think it may be my quarter-life crisis come two years too early!

At the moment I'm just surviving, but not thriving. Hopefully this is just a phase I'm going thru.

kyh: I dunno worrr... how inactive are you? *grin* I find myself doing less and less with each passing day.

rinnah said...

a^ben: You also got the inactive bug meh?

Let's all take a rest and come back to activity, yea?

Simple American said...

What do you like to read?

zewt said...

quarter life crisis or not... it's a phase.

rinnah said...

simple american: When I'm in a bookstore I can normally be found alternating between the self-help books and the fictional chick lit with occasional forays into the business section.

Hmm... that gives me an idea. Maybe I should write about a confused chick who ends up writing a self-help book that turns into a business opportunity.

zewt: Is this a phase that you went through too? Any tips on how to get through it??

Simple American said...


There you go. Sounds like it would be a fun book. And her editor is tall, dark. and handsome and too professional. She must warm his heart. *winks*

rinnah said...

simple american: LOL! It does, doesn't it? I shall give it a whack over the weekend...