Sunday, April 01, 2007

And the winner is... ? ? ?

OK, so we have come to the end of the month of March... time to tally up the scores and see who has walked away with the Gold, the Silver and the Bronze medals for Chuppers from this T H H C™ resort. Without further ado... *drumroll*

1st place Gold medal - kyh with 22 huggie points!!!
2nd place Silver medal - l b with 13 huggie points!!
3rd place Bronze medal - may with 10 huggie points!

Other lucky chuppers this month include:

4th - angel with 9 huggie points
5th - chen with 8 huggie points
6th - ah boy with 6 huggie points
7th - simple american with 1 huggie point

Oooh yes, and I made it into L B's Premier Hug Hug Club! Hahaha... on my first try too!

Happy April Fool's Day to all! Don't get fooled now, ya? *leaves hugs for all*

12 spins:

angel said...

april fool's hug!

L B said...

LOL!!! Way to go everyone!!!!!!! I was so delayed at watching wennnnnnnn. nnnnnnn..nnnn's slideshow!!

Great job!!! I like your style! Really cool... And congrats too!

Chen said...

so fast it's april liao...

munching april fool's brunch :D

L B said...

Yes yes, looks much better now that PHHC™ thingie!!!


Simple American said...

How can it be April again? Like how clean this place looks. Someone has been busy.

rinnah said...

angel: 5 april fool's hugs for you!!!

l b: 3 way to go hugs for you!!

Haha... I was watching wennnn's slideshow for some time too. But you're still in time to chup!

chen: 1 april hug for you!

Yummy mou, your brunch?

l b: Ya, I didn't know why the background was black in the first pic. Thanks for the updated one!

simple american: So fast it's April already... heheheh. Spring clean!

L B said... does funny things with some .png files when loaded there...

kyh said...

lol i've js waken up.

wah another 1st prize for me! so happy! WHEE~~~

*does the jiggy dance with conchie R*

may said...

yippee-aye-yay!! didn't think I'd make it to the podium, but there I am! thanks babe, and congrats to everyone!

zewt said...

is this why you guys always chup chup?

Wennnn said...

Aiyoooo I miss the the chups chups la... And LB chup late blame on my slides ah??? YAu mo kau chor ah????

rinnah said...

l b: 0.0 Really? Didn't know that.

kyh: LOL at the just woken up statement!

Yes, another 1st place for the month of March for you!

*jigs along with the Captain*

may: It was the last gasp grap of the Imperial iGold at The 48 Concubines post that did it for you!

zewt: Oh yes. We chup for the fun of it and for the bragging rights! Come chup with us too!

wennnn: It's ok, there's always the next post... Still got the whole month of April to chup, ya?

*LOL at wennnn's reaction to l b's comment*