Monday, April 09, 2007

Strange dreams

I had the strangest dream last night. Maybe it was because I'd been thinking too much about these things that they all got tangled up in my subconscious and translated into my dreams. My dream was quite long, but the gist of it is that...

I dreamt that I was asked to marry a prince of a far away land (who turned out to be Hiro Nakamura of Heroes!?!?!) and I refused because I was still in love with someone else and I didn't want to be locked up in the golden cage of the palace as it would happen when I did. My free spirit said no, but eventually my sense of duty won over (hey, it was for the good of the country! The only way to save planet earth) and I agreed, only to find myself having to placate a childish, pouting, temper tantrum throwing Hiro (who was upset that I didn't agree in the first place) by playing the piano (which I don't do in real life).

I think I dreamt the above because:
~ I am secretly frustrated with having to carry out obligations and duties that restrain me from doing what I want to do
~ I watched The Prince and I, and The Curse of the Golden Flower yesterday, ergo the themes on marrying into royalty and palaces
~ I want to watch Heroes so so so badly (this is entirely L B's fault for raving on and on about how good Heroes is!) and of course Hiro is everyone's favorite character
~ And part of it was related to my post on this person and also because there's another person whom I think is childish

You say strange or not? :o)

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Simple American said...

Hiro Nakamura? Pouting? Tantrum? Then he must not have found... Oh well. I better not spoil the show for those that have not seen. But I am so longing for new shows.


Obligations and duties. Everyone has a ball and chain of some sort. Sometimes it maintains what is good in life and the relationships with those important. Other times they are just demons that should be cast out so that you can fly. But only you can truly be the judge on whether to bend your knee or soar.

angel said...


*waits for L B*

Wennnn said...

Aiya... U longing sooo miuch about Heroes all LB faults?? Then how come the prince is not LB geh????

L B said...

LOL, oh yeah! Not that strange.. Blaming me partly for not being able to save the world again.. YATTTAAA!!!! *cracking up again for some 'strange' reason*

angel: Ticket for one only?

wennnn: I throw tantrums that badly?! Haha!! Touché!

rinnah: Get ready for iPort adventures with teh Famous Five! Don't you just love Dreams?

L B said...


Winn said...

so he does looks a bit like Hiro Nakamura?:p

i cant really remember my dreams..except a few ie the time when i dreamt of celebrities ie leon lai & etc:P lame hor? hahaha. but i used to like him ma!! but he dam 'napet'oredi .

rinnah said...

simple american: 5 heroic hugs for you!!!

Have you finished the current season of Heroes already? I wanna see... I wanna see... I wanna see...

Right now I am trying to decide if these are obligations and duties that I want to accept or not... *sigh*

angel: 3 heroic hugs for you!!

Why you waiting for L B? Wait for what ah? *puzzled*

wennnn: 1 heroic hug for you!

Yaloh, L B talk so much about how good Heroes is until I dream also must dream about Heroes...

Maybe because I never see L B before that's why it's not him? :oP

l b: I never did find out in my dream if I saved the world or not! Hahahaha...

Famous Five didn't appear in my dreams last nite worrr... *shakes the iPort*

l b: So where are you now??? *grin*

winn: Him? Oh no, he doesn't look like Hiro Nakamura at all. Except for the fact that they both wear spectacles?

I have lots of dreams, but only a few really stand out and I remember in the morning. But strangely enough, this is the first time a "celebrity" is in my dreams! LOL!

sengkor said...

i love dreams.. *dreaming now..*

zewt said...

i dont really understand why hiro is everyone's fav charater. he surely isnt my favourite.

you know who i like most?


Giddy Tiger said...

I can't wait for Episode 19 of Heroes... gosh what a dream!

kikare said...

no need to analyse too much your dreams. if it's a good one, remember it; if it's a bad one, just chuck it!

don't get yourself too worked up before you actually see the show! that way you might be disappointed! but having said that, i don't think you will be...hehe.

Hiro is cute, but Peter is hot wor!

rinnah said...

sengkor: So what do you dream about? Eh... how do you surf the Net whilst dreaming???

zewt: But Hiro is so kawaii... so adorable... so geeky... so everyman...

Haven't watched the series yet, so I have no idea who is xyler... but I'll be on the lookout!

giddy tiger: Hi! Welcome to my blog! *brings welcome drink*

I haven't even seen episode 1! LOL!

Weird dream, huh? *grins*

kikare: Hmm... I can't decide if that was a good dream or bad dream...

I think the show will live up to my expectations... after all, so many people have said it's good!

Cute rules!!!

may said...

this isn't too strange. what would be really strange is if you start dreaming about bloggers... and I know I have! eek! *does a Hiro face* *tries to teleport*

angel said...

Waited for L B to YATTTAAA!! LOL!

zewt said...

xyler is... xyler... the name itself is already so hero eh?

by the way, perhaps you should set your comments page to appear as a pop out window... much more convenient.

Simple American said...

A week from Monday is a new show. Watching the clock. Tick! Tock!

Massage Rinnah's neck so she can think clearly.

rinnah said...

may: I haven't met anyone yet, so maybe that's why I haven't dreamt about them yet!

*watches May's attempt to teleport*

Where are you off to?

angel: YATTTTAAA! LOL! It's the latest cool phrase, hor?

zewt: That's so cryptic... *wink*

Is it? I always found the pop out window a wee bit inconvenient myself. I'm thinking of removing the silly word verification because it's such a pain to type and re-type.

simple american: What new show is on Monday?

I've lost interest in The Amazing Race All Stars since Rob & Amber got knocked out. :o(

Simple American said...

Heroes, of coz!

rinnah said...

simple american: YAAATTTAAA!!!!