Thursday, May 03, 2007

Goal? Goal. Goal... Goal!

This tag is like a football game... bounce from one player to another player and another player to score some goals. Wennnn got her goals liao, so it's my turn to score some goals now (seeing as how Man Utd simply couldn't score last night. So sad!).

So, what kind of goals do I want to score? The beauty of this tag is that you can put down any goal (even the most way out ones) because the sky's the limit for this tag!!!

I wanna...

~ Do my MBA at Harvard Business School, Harvard University
~ Own my own house, preferably a large one with landscaped garden and pool
~ Run my own consulting business from home and earn gazillions!
~ Write a novel like Simple American
~ Try my hand at acting in a movie (no, not America's Funniest Home videos!)
~ Go around the world in 80 days (oh wait, that's been done before. ^.^ )
~ Change the world and make it a better and happier place (I must throw in the standard beauty queen goal. Hehe)

Anybody out there who hasn't done this tag yet? That you? Consider yourself TAGGED!

In other funny stuff that happened today, they were testing the fire alarm system in my office building. I was *ahem* sitting on the "throne" when suddenly I hear this message:

"Please do not panic. Testing fire alarm."

Yup. No panic. NO panic at all. Hurhurhur.

16 spins:

L B said...

You would need more than 80 days! It's already 30 days in Italy...

L B said...

LOL... I just spotted your NO PANIC bit... Isn't that a real pain in the ass when that happens?!

may said...

make sure you come around to Sydney when you're going around the world, ok? 1 week at least! that's 63 days left for you, long time more... ;)

I would love #3 too, if only!

kyh said...

yay still can chuppa chup!!!

kyh said...

wah u've done 80 days b4? o.O

Harvard! that's a big vision! where r u studying rite now?

*pretend not to see the "Consider yourself TAGGED!" line...*


Giddy Tiger said...

Those are some awesome goals you got there. Funnily enough, I've not been tagged for this one, so I just might take you up on your offer.

Oh, and about your THRONE fiasco, there was a joke about spending a certain amount of time on the throne, and if you exceed it, the door will be thrown wide open with a camera to literally catch you with your pants down! Hehehe...hope that didn't happen to ya!

Simple American said...

Okay. I see my name there. So I must tag myself out of thanks. :)

You need 80 days just to see Texas! If we get writing we could just travel about and write. Let the checks go to the bank to cover American Express charges while hopping across the globe.

Alarming moment while on the pot. That sort of thing would have, uh, moved me. ;)

Wennnn said...

Eh when U drop by in London I wan a two weeks okie.. So hor I think now U hv to recalculate how many days U go around the world liao... With 20 days in Italy, 7 days in Sydney, 80 days in Texas, two weeks in London and so on and so on.... hehehehe thanks for doing the tag!!

angel said...

Go get your goals! ;)
*tags along in the World Trip*

ParisB said...

Yay for goals! Don't forget the legion of house help to clean your huge house while you make your gazillions yeah? :)

Chen said...

wonder how to tour around the world in just 80 days..
*in deep thought* :P

zewt said...

wah... so cepat you did wennn's tag already. and you indirectly tag everyone that reads this eh...

i wanna write a novel too!

rinnah said...

l b: 5 round the world hugs for you!!!

30 days meh? I thot I was coming by Italy to pick you up for the world trip? No meh?

Yup... a real pain... *winks knowingly*

may: 3 visiting hugs for you!!

Only 1 week? Sure enough time to see everything ah?

I think everyone wants #3, esp. the gazillions part!

kyh: 1 hug for you!

I haven't done 80 days before... Jackie Chan did! *giggle*

Harvard is a dream... wish it can come true. I just finished my part-time degree course from Kolej Dapat Untung (KDU)... waiting for results. *kan cheong*

giddy tiger: Thanks! Consider yourself tagged for this one, then! *wink*

Ya, that's the super expensive loo in Bukit Bintang that you have to pay to use - the doors open in 15 mins. Thankfully it was only testing the alarm... I shudder to think what would happen if it had been a real fire! *grin*

simple american: That's so cool! We could travel the world and write about our adventures with the travelling Imperial Palace! Lots of gossip, lots of happenings, hawt hawt hawt!

wennnn: *trying to keep count of how many days at each stop on the world trip* *faint*

I liked doing this tag!

angel: Yeah! I will YAATTTAAA from the rooftops when I achieve them! Come come for World Trip!

parisb: Hmm, I did forget about the house help, and the cute gardeners, and the hunky pool boys... thanks for pointing it out!

chen: No need to think so much! Just tag along with me then you will know how!

zewt: Hehehe... I like tags, truth be told! No worries, you can always dodge the tag like kyh above!

Cool - what do you wanna write about? I only know I want to write, still haven't figured out about what!

zewt said...

really? kyh has joined my say-no-to-tag movement eh?

well, like i said, you can always tag me... but i probably wont continue to tag. come to think of it... tag me... wanna end the tagline there... ha!

narrowband said...

LOL, luckily it was just 'testing fire alarm', and not evacuation drill!!

rinnah said...

zewt: Ahahaha... kyh does it the 'pretend not to see tag' way...

OK then, TAG, you're it! *runs away*

narrowband: True... true. But it was still a shocker nonetheless! LOL!