Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cars cars cars

Note: The picture above is inspired by Narrowband's post on the same.

My Dad's Ferrari car collection was completed last weekend. We got all six models and they're all sitting pretty in the original packaging as collector's items. *roll eyes* So he got one more of the F1 racing model for fun and to take pictures of, hence the picture above. By the by, my Dad's the Ferrari fan, and I'm not. (McLaren for me anyday!)

Oh yeah, while I'm on the subject of cars, Perodua launched their Kancil / Kelisa replacement Viva on 10 May. If you've seen the advertisements, they use that song LOVE which I think is originally sung by Nat King Cole. Love that song. I was so ke-po-chi about the new model that I moseyed on down to the nearest showroom the night after the launch to check it out. And I did like the looks of the Viva more than the Myvi, its predecessor. Almost made me wanna get one, if not for the fact that I still have years left to pay to the bank on my Kelisa. Not to say that I don't appreciate the convenience of my Kelisa, but I do like the bigger cabin space of the Viva. Oh, and the ABS system. And the signal lights on the side mirrors. And it comes in Imago green, my most favorite Perodua color of all. And the moulded drink holders in the space between the front seats. And the power windows for all four windows. And the height-adjustable driver's seat. And most of all, the mirror in the sunshade above the driver's seat. (It's a female thing. *wink*)

But, what will happen to my Kelisa if I do get a Viva? The re-sale value ain't gonna be that fantastic primarily because of the fact that Perodua is ceasing production of the Kelisa. Plus, I just recently renewed the insurance and road tax, so that would be lost too. And cars depreciate in value way below the price you want to sell at. So, no way I'm getting a Viva anytime soon unless I win one in a contest.

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kyh said...

so jus continue using ur kelisa! :P

it looks nice... perodua is miles better than proton...

L B said...

*does a Micah, and slots Rinnah's name on the List of First Prize Viva Winners*

You can always keep the Kelisa in your storeroom till it becomes a Collector's Item, in say.. 2037?

angel said...

Pssttt... FAMA sponsor? ;)

Chen said...

don't tell that to your Kelisa, later she cries... :P

ditto with kyh, perodua cars are much much better than proton :)

may said...

what? no more kelisa? and I thought of buying a 2nd hand one when I got home... lol! maybe I should just go straight for the Myvi. a little more luxurious than the Viva, but I didn't think much of the latter anyway...

narrowband said...

I love my Myvi :p

And on the ferrari cars.. haha, I stopped collecting dy. The last time I filled about rm60 of fuel also didn't bother go and buy.

P/s: My prediction for tonight's Monaco F1 - A McLaren win. Highly likely it'll be Hamilton, although he starts from second on the grid.

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 continuing hugs for you!!!

Ya, I will probably stick to my Kelisa, but the 'heart moves' at the thought of a new car.

Perodua rulez!

l b: 3 first prize hugs for you!!

Hahaha... who would want a Kelisa in year 2037? You wanna buy from me then?

angel: 1 whispering hug for you!

*looks puzzled* FAMA sponsor apa? Me catch no ball worrr... *blur blur tei*

chen: Oh, I didn't tell my baby Kelisa that. Hehehe. But still the heart wanders looking for new love...

Perodua rulez!

may: Maybe by the time you get back I wanna sell my Kelisa? Hurhurhur... Myvi is definitely more luxurious than the Viva, and slightly wider too.

narrowband: Hehehe... I love my Kelisa too! I actually got my Kelisa like 2 weeks before they launched the Myvi.

Let's see if your prediction comes true... Hamilton looks like a strong contender this season.