Monday, May 14, 2007

Random Pringle chips of thought...

I had a lot of things to blog about today, but now when I sit in front of the computer, my thoughts have all flown the coop! So, randomly...

It's a day after Mother's Day, but still people are wishing women "Happy Mother's Day". Like just now, when I went to the Jusco supermarket with my mum, the cashier cheerily greeted my mum with "Happy Mother's Day!". His excellent manners are to be commended! Not like most supermarket cashiers who grumpily process your goods with nary a smile or a word, this cashier was happily chatting away with my mum while he packed our groceries. He should be commended for being the opitome of service with a smile!

Oh yeah, Pringles has a new packaging out. I kind of prefer the old packaging (as pictured above) because I'm so used to it. But I guess all things have to be upgraded and changed eventually. As long as the taste remains the same, I'd be happy!

Ooh, I bumped my dad's car on Saturday trying avoid an idiotic gardener who was squatting on the road beside the curb at a corner. Left a huge scrape mark 1 foot long. Not good! Bummer.

It's been so hot lately but yet there was a freakish thunderstorm on Sunday evening lasting over 2 hours. It brought down leaves, tree branches, caused a tiny bit of flooding and brought down an illegally constructed shed on the main road near my housing garden. But it was still hot in the night after the downpour! Must be the effect of global warming.

My mind's a blank now. I need to get some inspiration. Later!

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kyh said...

i chup chup in order to bring back ur inspiration! :P

so hot hor? me oso feel panas!

aiya 1 foot long scratch! so malang one? but luckily everything's all right. ;)

mistipurple said...

heehaw. i leave my print.
i like pringles too, though all chips are a tad too saltish for health.

a^ben said...

the new pringles are not imported one i think` the imported pringles tasted better keekekkke

yalor!!!! in kch also extremely super duperly hot

Chen said...

nowadays the pringles taste horrible (compared to 10 years back).

Penang also super duper hot leh..

Simple American said...

Oh Pringles. Cannot eat. :(

Hope you are okay after bumping the car. Uh, and having to tell your dad.

We had some thunderstorms over the weekend. Four people were hit by lightning. Wonder why they sought refuge under a tree? Hope they recover.

Global warming. You live tropics. It's just hot my friend. Right?

L B said...

Lemme inspire you in a little bit... but first, yes, Pringles! Not as good as Lormaikai, but still pretty awesome, under the right conditions, especially during a movie.. (tries very hard to imagine having a Lormaikai in the cinema..) It's very hot too in Italy! Getting pretty humid, but I know Malaysia's 300000 times worse.. so, that's the part I am not looking forward to, for the holidays coming soon. Multiple showers, sweaty, sticky, stop breathing, falls over, plays possum.. I agree with that; a good cashier is such a joy to behold! Actually, anyone who is nice and kind is such a +ve Charger!! We need more of them around! Any volunteers here? A 1 foot long scrape mark is not pleasant!!

L B said...

Kwa Kwa Kwa, you been inspirationally TAGGED!

may said...

I used to eat so much Pringles! loved the cheez'ums, but they don't stock that as much as the original and sour cream n onion.

it's supposed to be cool autumn time here, but it's still warm-ish weather during the day despite the nights being cold. I wonder when it'll get to a freezing stage...? then you could escape the heat of KL and come down for a cool breeze or two!

angel said...

But it was so cold in Stockholm!

I love Pringles too but not having them often...

Alamak... the scratch... but nvm, better than a more serious accident, no?

Winn said...

new pakaging? got lower calories or not?

sengkor said...

pringles.. dunno why it's not as good as last time oredi..

narrowband said...

Hey, luckily it was a small bump - that dude shouldn't be squatting too near the road! It's so dangerous!

I used to love Pringles... always eat one. Until one day I vowed to stay away from junk food. Haha. No la, somehow I just stopped eating and noone bought any more junk food ;p

cutiepie said...

eeeeks i scratched your dad's car?? alamak!!! i had the same experience too .. :( huhuhu

Giddy Tiger said...

What does the new Pringles packaging look like? Love the one in the picture though: sour cream and onions..Y U M M Eeeeeee!!!!

And ouch about that scrape on the car. What did that fella think he was doing, crouching in the corner? Tsk Tsk.

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 inspirational chups for you!!!

Ya, the weather is simply too hot lately! *fan fan fan*

Yaloh... luckily nothing worse happened.

mistipurple: 3 printed hugs for you!!

Chips! Yum. Bad for health and for waistline. *grin*

a^ben: 1 Pringle hug for you!

Yaloh, ever since its being manufactured in Malaysia the taste isn't really the same anymore...

Hot... hot... hot...

chen: Agreed! I think all Pringles lovers should write to P&G and complain. Kekekekeke!

simple american: I shouldn't be eating it too, but it just calls to me from the kitchen and from the aisles of junk food in the supermarket. It's my only vice!

My dad was pretty cool with it thankfully. But that's because it wasn't like I was driving recklessly. Hehehe.

l b: What a long comment! Kekekekeke!

You'll be enjoying the sweltering heat of the tropics in July... with lormaikai...

l b: Again? *faint* *revives* It's too hot to remain 'fainted'. *grin*

may: I think sour cream n onion is the best flavor! But I like the pizza flavor too...

Brrr.... I don't think I can stand cold weather... I'd rather be hot than cold! *grin*

angel: Welcome back from Storkholm!

Thankfully it's only a scratch and nothing more... but still 'sum thong' to see that huge scratch... :o(

winn: I don't think got lower calories! But got higher price (soon)... sure thing one... Hahaha...

sengkor: Because it's no longer manufactured overseas but locally...

narrowband: And the guy actually had the cheek to stare at me as I scraped past! *geram*

Not eating junk food is good... must stay away from junk food...

cutiepie: Yup! First time it happened too! I'm normally such a careful driver... :o(

giddy tiger: I'll take some snapshots and post it up soon! *grin*

He was digging up something along the curb... I wonder too, what he was doing...