Thursday, May 17, 2007

The dream ends for one...

I am SPEECHLESS! Ok, no not really. For a moment or two, maybe. Shocked, yes. Upset? Just a little bit. What have the Americans gone and done now?!?!?!?!?!

They didn't vote for Melinda Doolittle, that's what.

I've been following the progress of Melinda Doolittle ever since the auditions and my two cents worth of opinion is that this lady is the best thing ever to happen to American Idol. She is that good. Maybe she was too good and that brought about her shocking elimination from the competition last night. There just wasn't any pressing need to vote for her. It was too little, too late. (Yes, bad pun, I know. *wink & grin*)

But IMHO, I think the Americans got it wrong this time again. Just like they did last time. And the season before that. What am I yammering on about?

Season 1 - they chose Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini over Tamyra Gray. OK, so Kelly has blossomed into a recording artiste in her own right but that was after she struck out on her own away from the Idol spotlight. Justin who? No one knows where he is now. Tamyra was a talented singer / songwriter in the vein of Colleen Bailey Rae, but not a popular kind of singer.

Season 2 - they chose Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. I didn't watch this season, so I don't know if they got it wrong or right. But the winner - Ruben - is less successful than the runner-up - Clay.

Season 3 - they chose Fantasia Barrino and Diana DeGarmo. Along the way, they chose to send home LaToya London and Jennifer Hudson, who were more talented than Diana DeGarmo who was a precocious 16 year old. Yes, the Idol reject Jennifer Hudson who now has both a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Dreamgirls.

Season 4 - they chose Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice. I have to say that right out of the starting blocks Carrie Underwood is by far the best American Idol to date. America got this one season right for America, I think.

Season 5 - they chose Taylor Hicks and Katherine McPhee. While I rooted for Taylor in the finals because he was the underdog, my personal favorite was Elliot Yamin and Chris Daughtry. But the crooner and the rocker were no match for the saccharine (fake!) sweetness (and barely veiled sex appeal) of McPhee. Chris Daughtry was shockingly eliminated into 4th place, but he's having the last laugh now as his album is doing well, while Hicks and McPhee struggle to sell.

This season 6 - they chose Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis. Who knows how this one will turn out.

From the onset of the current season, the first really good contestant to go was Sabrina Sloan. Then they picked off Stephanie Edwards. LaKisha Jones sang herself into a corner with her song choices, but she was vocally more talented than all the male contestants put together. Melinda Doolittle is, was the best. But will anyone remember them later?

Only time will tell which contestant will last the distance, but for next week's finals I have to say I prefer Blake over Jordin. Why? I'll tell you next week.

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L B said...

Gimme HEROES..... YATTTAAAA!!!!! *goes back in time and does a Micah on the votes*

ehon said...

WAD? Doolittle is GONE? GONE?!!! Her voice is sensational man. she has such GREAT control. She's a undeniably great showgirl!

OMG! The world has turned crazy! I agree with Albie. We NEED HEROES!!

angel said...

*mourns with rinnah*

I was speechless too when I saw it earlier!! How can?? How can???

But somehow, I had a feelin' when Ryan was going to announce the results, she'd be out... you knowlah how the Americans vote or don't vote... (oops, not you Sir SA!!!)

My boss said no mood to watch the Finale already... *sighhhh*

kyh said...

Not really following this season. In fact, I kinda tuned in for fun for the past seasons!

Simple American said...

Have to wait a week? So the drama. LOL!

I really wonder about American tastes sometimes too. Or is it a lack of taste. ;)

may said...

no American Idol here for me to watch... sob! *sigh*

ParisB said...

Its impossible to understand the American way of voting. See: President LOL! Gut tells me Blake will win only because he looks like a BSB and can make funny noises

Giddy Tiger said...

I too was distressed the moment Melinda was given the boot. Too distressed to even blog about it today. Most of my favorites have been booted out at the very last minute. Bo Bice, Latoya, Elliot Yamin, and now Melinda.

I think Blake will win too.

SIGH...good thing I still have HEROES to watch tonight. YATTTAAAAAA!!!!!!

rinnah said...

l b: 5 YATTA hugs for you!!!

*wishes lb's attempt to micah the votes came true*

ehon: 3 showgirl hugs for you!!

The world... is not thinking right. Where are HEROES when you need them?

angel: 1 speechless hug for you!

It was going to happen sooner or later. The American voting trend speaks for itself.

Yeah, I also no mood for the finale liao. *big sigh*

kyh: This season a bit boring except for Melinda's exceptional performances!

simple american: No more drama already... anti-climax!

Hmm... I'm not sure about American tastes in general, but I'm sure yours is pretty fab!

may: At least you don't feel upset over the unfairness of it all!

parisb: LOLOLOL! Good one, parisb! I prefer Blake's funny noises over Jordin's giggles...

giddy tiger: Sad sad day for America... I hope Melinda gets to cut a record deal and makes it in the industry despite this setback.

Winn said...

i didnt realli follow...
but i watched one episode b4 .. is melinda dolittle the single mother candidate?

eastcoastlife said...

You like American Idol! I dun follow anymore, it's so unfair to the really talented singers.

King's wife said...

This is what voting (or not) can do. :(
Melinda was my top favourite too.
Have you heard the latest hit by Elliot Yamin? Cool..

mistipurple said...

i only followed season 2 & 3. wow, how time flies.
talent contests, popularity votes, all these are valuable instruments to propel the real ones with talents to public notice. they make it on their own after that.

rinnah said...

winn: LaKisha Jones is the single mother candidate, Melinda Doolittle is the shy back-up singer. :o)

eastcoastlife: I tell myself with the end of each season that I won't chase after the next season but I do. *grin* But yeah, sometimes the voting system is horribly unfair to talented ones.

king's wife: Doncha think Elliot Yamin looks like he's channeling Josh Groban's style? Curly floppy hair, preppy clothes...

I'm looking forward to his album!

mistipurple: Time does fly indeed! Before you know it, the next season of American Idol will be here again.

It is to be hoped that the really talented candidates do make it and not fade away from the public's memory after.

cutiepie said...

*saying my prayer for melinda* let's hope she'll be just like chris'

King's wife said...

exactly my tot! When I first saw him, Josh Groban came to mind!

rinnah said...

cutiepie: Me too! I hope she'll be a success even without winning American Idol!

king's wife: LOL! Great minds think alike! Maybe it's the Jewish boy look...

Gallivanter said...

It's by far, the weakest American Idol in history. I only watched one show, and the top 6, none of them stood out...

rinnah said...

gallivanter: Hello and welcome to my blog!

I'd have to say that overall this season has the blandest set of contestants for Idol that I've seen so far.