Sunday, May 27, 2007

That familiar face / line again

Is it my face? I really wonder. I seem to keep getting these same lines from strange guys in shopping complexes.

Guy: "Excuse me miss, your face is very familiar. Have we met before?"
Me: "I don't think so."

You would think they'd get the hint, but still they will persist and follow-up with this line...

Guy: "What is your name?" or "Can I have your phone number?"
Me: "No, I don't know you."

Today's guy was an African guy who opened up with "Excuse me, are you Malaysian?" followed by the exchange above. After I walked away from him, I still saw him from the corner of my eye, he was lingering in the vicinity staring at me. Sounds and looks like a stalker, eh? *shiver*

But seriously, if they are trying to use this method to pick-up girls in shopping complexes, it's so lame! No female in their right mind would respond to this. Well, not me anyway. Guys / gals - Any comments?

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Winn said...

heeeee! yucks to those lame and overused pickup line. cant they be more creative like...."hi u look like someone i read on the the nick of rinnah. i really love her writings. esp the 48 concubines! absolutely amazing. by the way, my name is winn. no bad intention. no pun no added preservatives. Just pure admiration "

how how how?? i qualify as smooth talker or not?

L B said...

I just got picked up by winn..

L B said...

*caresses my toe*

may said...

cheesy pickup lines! you just have to laugh at them. and be amused. and roll your eyes. they must take lessons from Winn.

kyh said...

*giggle at winn*

sounds like u're an attractive girl! i know u r! ;)

oooh those guys... shoo shoo shoo...

narrowband said...

Be flattered ;p Not everybody gets to enjoy being hit-on like this! You know what I mean!

a^ben said...

I get responses like "yeah~ you looked familiar too"

maybe i wasnt saying that phrase to pick up someone lolssss :X

Jo said...

i guess that is one of the oldest tricks that a guy would pick to get to know a girl.. be careful there ;)

Wennnn said...

Those guys are sad case lor!! Oni know how to use the few lines... Still thinks girls are still so naive meh?? Yes yes I guess they better take lessons from Winn..

eastcoastlife said...

What type of guys lurk in shopping complexes, picking up gals? cheh!

Actually hor, come to think of it, there's no right place to pick up gals leh! So difficult to find the right place, the right time and the right gal. But hor, if you find him/her, very the lucky lor!hehe....

winn - you win liao lor! Smooth talker! Lucky you not a man, or else I fall into your ham jen (trap). hehehe....

ehon said...

wahahahhahaha! *laughs at winn's comment*

u should say something like, "Really?! I'm a popular singer back in my hometown in Ocipala Land! And I'm on a holiday here."


Gallivanter said...

You'll be shocked, there are loads of gullible women out there, and shame on these men for taking advantage...

rinnah said...

winn: 5 creative hugs for you!!!

Wahlau eh... your pick-up line is so keng one ah? Very, very smooth! I'm impressed!

l b: 3 picked-up hugs for you!!

Winn... come take LB home... teeheehee!

may: 1 cheesy hug for you!

I laugh at them... later, in the safety of my own house. *grin* I need to perfect the eye roll for the next time. Hehehe.

kyh: Sai lou, take lessons from winn ya... next time you can kau girls with her tactics... *wink*

narrowband: It's a pity that the guys don't look very flattering leh... It's more like being a magnet for weirdos! LOL! :P

a^ben: Hehehe... that's because you are cute and friendly mah... and maybe you had good reason to think you actually knew that person! LOL!

jo: Welcome back, dear! It's the most overused trick in the book, I think. LOL!

Yup, a girl can never be too careful nowadays.

wennnn: Hehehe... agreed! Sad case if they can't think of anything better! But strangely, I only get this line in shopping malls.

Winn, you wanna give lessons to the guys?

eastcoastlife: I'm thinking only losers? LOL!

Aiyah... like that then very hard for me to position myself in the right place at the right time to be picked up by the right guy!

ehon: Hehehe... That is an even weirder answer than the guy who was trying to pick me up!

gallivanter: I can't believe that women still fall for this line... but yeah, there are unscrupulous men out there who do take advantage of it to the fullest.

Giddy Tiger said...

I've had my share of those lurkers in the shopping malls. Totally scary! Winn, I gotta give it to you for your originality :)

Pink Elle said...

Hi Rinnah, thanks for dropping by my blog :) And for all those comments! *hugs*

Talk about lame pick up lines! Hehe...

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: *nods head* It was a bit freaky when it happened, particularly because this guy didn't look quite 'right'.

Hahaha... looks like Winn should start up a tutorial class on original pick-up lines for guys!

pink elle: Hi hi! Welcome to my humble blog too! *hugs*

These guys haven't progressed from the Stone Age in terms of pick-up lines! Hehehe.

zewt said...

hahahahaha.... some girls are just happy that there're ppl who are willing to pick them up...

if i ever see u one day... i will use the exact same line on you... :P

Chen said...

so lame geh those pickup lines?
but don't be surprised, there are actually gals who will response leh.
*shake head*

rinnah said...

zewt: Hehehe... I guess I am not those girls lah.

You will use this line? :oP

OK, then I will know you from the rest of the blogger gang. *grin*

chen: Very lame hor? *grin* I can't believe it actually works.