Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's that song again?

Ahhh... to be eighteen again... care-free... eager... always with hope for a better tomorrow! Hehehe... that sounds like it was ages ago but in reality it was just a few years back. Surprised? Yes? No? Or you already knew?

I got this tag from L B and the rules are fairly simple. They go like this:-

1. Go to
2. Select the year you turned 18
3. Get all nostalgic over the songs of the year
4. Write about it
5. Pass this tag on to 5 others

It's pretty hard to get nostalgic over songs that are fairly recent, so I'll just natter on about what I remember happened in my life with selected songs.

A Moment Like This - Kelly Clarkson
Who ever knew that this would be the start of the American Idol juggernaut? I didn't even know about the existence of this reality show then. Such a katak dibawah tempurung (frog under a vessel)! But this isn't my favorite Kelly Clarkson song - I like her later hits.

The Game of Love - Santana featuring Michelle Branch
This song... brings back many memories. It was the song I'd play on endless repeat just because... Yes, this song brings back happy memories. :o)

Like I Love You - Justin Timberlake
Hmm... I guess the title says it all.

Complicated - Avril Lavigne / Don't Let Me Get Me - Pink / Gotta Get Thru This - Daniel Bedingfield
So from the feelings of love... life became complicated and I didn't want to trip myself up, so I chose not to follow my heart, but my head. Till today, I still wonder, what if... but I did get thru this difficult phase, because I'm still here!

Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue
Silly, vampish, infectious... that na na na melody gets stuck in my head and goes round and round until some other song drives it out.

Lose Yourself - Eminem
This is probably the only Eminem song I like. It's perfect for working out, especially when I need some inspiration to push myself beyond my limits.

So that was my 18th year. What about yours?

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kyh said...

chupppp first. brb.

may said...

OMG, you are so... YOUNG!! lol! these hits are just like yesterday's, not too long ago. cool ones, they are!

Anonymous said...

you are so young :) but I am younger :)

kyh said...

I've oredy known u r young! ;)

Wah i lup all those songs so much! We've pretty much the same taste!

U din tag ppl one? But pls har... dun tag me! :P


a^ben said...

nanana~ nanananana~ nanana~~ nanananana~~

For a moment like this!!! some ppl wait a life time~~~~~ :P

zewt said...

'like i love you' from JT is really cool... cool to dance with too... but u know... the whole song, the guitar strum is the same and there is actually no drum roll... but the song is somehow very cool... the beauty of music!

Chen said...

Should tag u about the songs that u listened to when u were 6 years old.. then only have urmpph mah..
too recent liao, not nostalgic, kan?

L B said...

OMG!!! What happened to my comment in here earlier?!!! Oh no!!! And I typed out such a long-winded comment too!! OH NOOOOOO... *throws another mini-tantrum, and rips off mini-skirt*

I wanted to say... *trying to recall...* I wanted to say how much that blardy song by Kylie and its Na Na Nas haunted me one entire summer, when this stewardess was forever humming it every single moment! Everywhere!! In the end I actually started to like the song! LOL!!!

And also I remember Michelle's song, cos CP was also humming it all the time, even when she was swimming at my place!! Underwater lagi..

Thank you for doing the Tag so graciously as ever!! Special TAG hugs for you!

ehon said...

I agree with Ah May! You are so young!!! *feels old and ah pek-ish*

cutiepie said...

OMG!!! *looking at ah may* you are really young!!!! but hey cool list of songs

mistipurple said...

"you're so young
and i'm so old
this my darling
i've been told"

ok ... that's Diana's song, just incase you didn't know. lol. with a twist of words of cos.

Giddy Tiger said...

Would you believe it? I used that JT song for my wedding reception entrance. Most couples go for mush like Shania Twain or Whitney Houston, but we marched into the reception hall to the deafening beats of JT's Like I Love You...Awesome!

eastcoastlife said...

You are so young!!! aiyoooo.... jealous, jealous!

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 hugs for that chup!!!

may: 3 YOUNG hugs for you!!

Yup, these are still relatively recent, so no nostalgic memories to dig up...

misha: Hello and 1 hug for you!

We'll need to wait a great many years for you to complete this tag, eh?

kyh: Hehehe... great minds think alike mah...

I kinda wanted to tag you, but didn't because I been tagging you so much last month. Kekekekeke! Next time, ya? *wink*

a^ben: can't get you outta my head...

zewt: Ah, that's the cool part about it! It's simple, yet infectious...

chen: Maybe I will revisit this tag in 10 years time! Kekekekeke... then can be nostalgic.

l b: I got no spam bin to fish you out! LOL!

Everyone was na na na-ing that year because of Kylie - even my then 2 year old nephew...

I like doing tags. Kekekekeke! *hugs back*

ehon: Eh... I think you are younger than me. No meh? *pats head*

cutiepie: No no... Nellie younger... Hehehehe... Glad you liked the list!

mistipurple: Ohhhh... please... stay... with me.... mistipurple.......

LOL! I know this song! I listen to songs from the 50s right up till to-date. Keng mou? *wink*

giddy tiger: Really? That's so cool! Awesome choice! *does a little bit of robot dance*

eastcoastlife: Young I may be, but I bow in the face of grace and wisdom! *does a mini-kowtow*

zewt said...

looks like you are also one who reply to all comments eh? :)

Simple American said...

Wow you are YOUNG!!! Yep I copied May. hehehe Course I thought you might be. So now I'm going to hug you more. :P

Loved, loved, loved the Game of Love! Santana is such a great musician and Michelle Branch is so talented. I listen to her music and she reminds me of a 21st centrury Beattles. So much going on in her songs. Lot of dynamics.


rinnah said...

zewt: Yup, I will respond to all comments because people take the time to leave a comment here.

simple american: Gawsh! Everyone keeps saying that!

I remember you loved The Game of Love from your music posts! Let's listen to in on endless repeat now! *turns on mp3 player*

*huga huga huga*