Friday, May 25, 2007

Here comes the money


PayPal finally fixed that glitch in their system that demands Malaysians to enter a US bank account before we could accept payments. And my monies are now safe and sound inside my PayPal account. This inspired me so much that I've just gone on a money-making-blog-spree. At one fell swoop I have added PPP Direct, Fummo, Nuffnang and Advertlets. Adsense and Amazon were already here all along. What else am I missing out on? If your eyes are suddenly bedazzled by the array of blog ads and sponsored posts that pop up, please excuse me, ya?

Don't worry, I shall try to keep the ads as uncluttered as possible and restrict the sponsored posts to a minimum. I'll still rant and rave and post silly stuff, but if you want a more intimate spin, well, you should know where to look. Neh... *big silly grin* (OMG, I'm promo-ing my own website! Nooooo.....*trailing off*)

Oh yes, chups and hugs are still free-flow for sponsored posts. *grin*

12 spins:

L B said...

Good for you! I support anything that makes you cheerful, headacheless, & Yattaaful..

kyh said...

i oso gonna recheck my paypal account. long time din login liao... dunno got cancelled or not. ;)

ehon said...

wah seh! jadi kaya alrdy don forget us hor! :P

may said...

been reading about it all over blogland... lol! way to go! have fun spending all that money!

rinnah said...

l b: 5 happy happy hugs for you!!!

Thanks! Your support means a lot to me... hopefully I will be able to make enough to invest into making the HO KWAI FANN resort a reality! YAATTAAAA!

kyh: 3 money-making hugs for you!!

Got money inside your PayPal account or not? Donate some here? *grin*

ehon: 1 kaya hug for you!

Sure no forget one... I will use the money to come visit you!

may: Yup, it affected so many people! First thing I wanna do is make enough money for a trip around the world! Wheeeee!

a^ben said...

ohoh! can belanja makan zhor~ kekekekeke

Ayumi said...

glad to hear that the glitch is sorted out and malaysians can accept paypal payment now how do malaysians withdraw paypal moolah into their hands?*scratching head while pondering over this*
is there an avenue to achieve this?

eastcoastlife said...

Whoa! Collect money huh! What about belanja a virtual meal? hehehe.....

Chen said...

earn a lot liao?
can belanja makan BKT liao?

rinnah said...

a^ben: Sure sure... when I get my money from PayPal to M'sia first, ok? In exchange for copies of your CDs when you're famous, k? *grin*

ayumi: Hello & welcome!

If you have enough moolah accumulated in your PayPal account, you can open an online US bank account with e*trade which comes with a debit card. From there you can withdraw your PayPal money to e*trade and use the debit card at accepted ATMs in Malaysia. Hope this helps!

eastcoastlife: Yup yup, collect money liao, but the real dough isn't in my hands yet. Virtual meal? Sure, that one no problem... hehehe.

chen: Not yet earn a lot leh... just peanuts so far...

I come to Penang and you take me makan-makan all the good spots lah... I belanja but you have to play tour guide... *wink*

ehon said...

kakakakaka! KAYA HUG!!! KAYA!!!!!! :D :D Sure sure! Come come! ;) Then we can go visit Ah May also. Very near oni! :D

rinnah said...

ehon: Hahaha... so tickled over the kaya hug meh? Yaya... when I have saved up enough I will visit Oz-land. But dunno whether you will still be there or finished studies liao by the time I come... Hehehe.