Friday, May 25, 2007

When you wish upon a (Hollywood) star

I remember once watching this movie about a girl winning a dream date with a movie star. And of course, I have my secret fantasies of dating those movie stars I have crushes on. Hurhurhur. Now guys can live this reality. Have you ever wanted to date a movie star? This is your best opportunity. is giving you the chance to date Mirelly Taylor, who starred in movies like Kiss Me Again, Serving Sara and television shows Las Vegas, Punk'd and Numb3rs. Gee, a real-life celebrity! And she's pretty gorgeous to boot. Check her out in her video here.

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This unique concept of a contest is brought to you by Emmy Award winning producer Scott Sternberg and "The Bachelor" producer Andrew Firestone. If it's anything like The Bachelor, you just know it's gonna be interesting. Just imagine, Mirelly Taylor and you... being filmed on your date. This is reality tv at its quirkiest.

The cool part about this is any Tom, Dick or Harry (or Ah Chong, Ahmad or Siva) stands a fair enough chance at winning that date. Because the general public gets to have the final say on who dates Mirelly Taylor. That's right, you and I can decide whether Mirelly goes out with the hot hunk or the geeky nerd. Cool eh? Just send in a video saying why you should get to date Mirelly and the Internet audience will vote on the best video submission. If you have good enough buds who will vote for your video, you could win...

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