Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rrrrrrrrrrrrr....... (what is that?)

Is it the sound of a cat purring? A motorcycle revving? Ah Boy growling? Did my 'R' key get stuck on the keyboard? Nah, put your minds at ease, it's something good!

Today's lesson is all about the letter 'R'. *imitates Sesame Street character Count Dracula* What do we know of the letter 'R'? Cast your mind back to
this blog post on ABCs for a refresher course on how this post will work out like. Ready? Oh, that's an 'R' word! (Sorry, my bad, couldn't help inserting a punny pun! Hahaha!)

R is for ready (ok, put on your vision enhancers - specs la - if you need them)

R is for
rinnah (who else? who got roped into the Long Alphabet Company by L B)

R is for (w)riting (cast your mind back to the era of the 3R's - reading, writing and arithmetic...)

R is for really (yeah, this really long-winded blog post)

R is for reading (you're reading my blog now, aren't you?)

R is for remembering (that
special someone in a land Down Under is celebrating a special day)

R is for red (in a
white-white tei apartment with a red bean bag and cushions accents)

R is for radical (after making a radical move from
KayElle to Oz-land)

R is for really (coz' I really want to wish her a Happy Happy Birthday!)

R is for rocks (with the wishes that
Tiffany comes a calling in pretty blue boxes!)

R is for rare (because - one of a kind, she really is! No other like her!)

R is for reality (YAATTTAAA!!! = means I did it!! I finished this post)

Ok, ok, ok... the simple English translation below for those who can't make head or tail of the above...

Rinnah got roped into joining the Long Alphabet Company initiated by L B to write this long-winded post that you are now reading which is dedicated to AhMay who is celebrating her first birthday in Australia in her new apartment since her move from KL and I'm wishing her a Happy Birthday with lots of prezzies hopefully the bling-bling kind that comes in Tiffany blue boxes just because she is rare and unique and most of all there is only one of her. *takes deep breath after finishing incredibly long sentence without pausing*

For more kookily themed alphabetical
AhMay birthday posts, please visit the blogsites below. Thank you very muchie! *birthday hugs and muaks*

A is by helen
H is by
A is by
P is by
P is by
Y is by
V is by
E is by
R is by rinnah

Y is by kyh
B is by
I is by
R is by
Simple American
T is by
H is by
Paris Beaverbanks
D is by
Cocka Doodle
A is by
Y is by
T is by
O is by
A is by
zara's mama
H is by
king's wife
M is by
A is by
Ah Boy
Y is by

40 spins:

L B said...

My Gawd! So long winded! But so good too! So fun! So Chee Cheong Fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AHMAY DOWNUNDER!!! XXX

Chen said...

so cute geh your birthday post?
happy burpday, Maymay
we all lup u :)

kyh said...

happy birthday chupppp for maymay jie!!! yataaaa!!!

cutiepie said...

rrrrrrrrrated!!! happy birthda MaY MaY!!! cute sesame street character ... *dracula laugh*

may said...

I blame it on watching Heroes at this moment that I'm missing out on all the chups, wakakakaka!! rrrrrrr!! that sounds like the purring sound of Horny Girl... LOL!

T H A N K Y O U H U G S !

brought to you by the letter M...

Wennnn said...

May Happy birthday to U lor.... Heheheh Rinnah is sooo rrrrrrrrr

mistipurple said...

Happy Birthday AhMay!!
rrready.. ret side.... rrrunnn... from Count Drrracula!!!

L B said...

I am disguised as a Cattle Rustler here...

angel said...

R A P P Y R O A R I N G R I R T H D A Y A H R A Y ! ! !


Jemima said...

*starts singing*

"Happy Birthday to May,
Happy Birthday to May,
Happy Birthday to May....
Happy Birthday to May!"

My very 1st visit here, Rinnah.
Have a great weekend. :)

carcar said...

♥happy birthday maymay♥ hi hi to rinnah!

so happy seeing all of us running here and wishing may!~ haa...

is a happy day!~

Paris Beaverbanks said...

And your post is in Red! :) Happy bday May!

Helen said...

Lots of R. :-)

Seriously, R is a hard one. You've done well, Rinnah!! :-)

Samm said...

Hi, i shall remember everything, keke.


ehon said...

happy birthday to ah mayyy! hahahaha

you make me laugh!!! LOL! And I thought I am the only one who can talk and talk without stopping! now i've got competition! LOL!

zewt said...

wahh.... so nice, if i am may, i will be in 7th heaven...

my bday coming leh... :P

Ah Boy said...

Woof Woof Birthday, May jiejie :)

Winn said...

R is for roarrrrrrrrrrrrr!! so char kwoy teow!! ( learn from albie wong:P )

happy bday may may
happy day rinnarrrrrrrrr.........:P

_butt said...

*Rrrrrrrrr along*

happy happy birthday to may!


kat said...

♥ H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A H M A Y ♥

Rinnah, I burst out laughing when I saw Count Dracula!!! Hahaha... farnee!!

rinnah said...

l b: 5 long-winded hugs for you!!!

It was all your idea for May mah... I just help out with one alphabet!

Happy Birthday to May!

chen: 3 cute hugs for you!!

Happy Birthday to May!

kyh: 1 yatta hug for you!

Happy Birthday to May!

cutiepie: LOL at the dracula laugh! Sesame Street rocks!

Happy Birthday to May!

may: Happy Heroic Birthday, May! Rrrrrrr.... LOL!

wennnn: I rrrrrrr just like you wennnnnnnn... LOL!

Happy Birthday to May!

mistipurple: Come back! Come back! No need to run from Count Drrrracula! He's friendly one... no bloodsucking, just alphabet counting!

Happy Birthday to May!

l b: Eh? Why disguised as a Cattle Rustler? Me catch no ball?

angel: ROAR! Such a powderful birthday greeting! LOL!

Happy Birthday to May!

jemima: *joins in singing*

Happy Birthday to May!

carcar: Hi! We are all very busy following the alphabet trail today!

Happy Birthday to May!

paris beaverbanks: Red red tei is very ong, hor? Hehehehe...

Happy Birthday to May!

helen: Hehe... Once I got Rolling it was pretty Rapid... *grin*

Happy Birthday to May!

samm: I think we will all remember the variety of posts for May!

Happy Birthday to May!

ehon: Thanks! Life must be full of laughter... let's have a chit-chat session!

Happy Birthday to May!

zewt: Only 7th heaven ah? When's your birthday? Give date lah...

Happy Birthday to May!

ah boy: Woof!

Happy Birthday to May!

winn: Happy Roaring weekend, winn!

Happy Birthday to May!

_butt: Rrrrrrr... let's roll along!

Happy Birthday to May!

kat: Count Dracula is a much neglected Sesame Street favorite! Must raise his profile a bit more, eh? *wink*

Happy Birthday to May!

L B said...

There are loose cows around! *gasp*

zara's mama said...


after reading this.. every body also starts rolling the tongue hor?


eastcoastlife said...

Hi rinnah!
You got the 'R'!

Happy Birthday to May!

velverse said...

Arrrrrr.... Really Really Ready to celebrate maymay's birthday.

Nice to meet you rinnah :)

rinnah said...

l b: Oh! Now I get it. Kekekekeke!

zara's mama: Rrrrrrrolling the tongue is tough! (for me at least!) *grin*

eastcoastlife: Hi eastcoastlife! Yup, I got the R... and this post was what I could think of!

Happy Birthday to May!

velverse: Really Rockin' Birthday Wishes for May, yea?

Nice to meet you too, velverse! Thanks for stopping by!

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday May!

And hello fellow letter "R" contributor. Well done. I especially love how you brought writing into R. Very clever. :)

rinnah said...

simple american: I loved your Rappy Rirthday to Rah Ray! Scooby rocks!

Hehehe... the R for (w)riting bit was lifted straight out of a book (but I can't remember which one now!).

zewt said...

mine coming next month... zeroimpact will know... cos he is in my friendster profile... haha!

rinnah said...

zewt: I'm not zeroimpact leh, how would I know? *grin & wink*

zewt said...

it's 2 4 6... decipher ;)

rinnah said...

zewt: My mind is thinking 24 June?

zewt said...

that is correct :)

rinnah said...

zewt: Okie. I know what to do. *wink*

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