Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm baaacckk!!

Yessss... my broadband Streamyx is finally back after I realized I had to reactivate it by calling them (uhm, account got suspended after bill went missing. LOL!). *slaps forehead* They did say I'd get reactivated within 24hrs, but I could start trying after 2hrs - which evidently didn't work (I spent the whole of last evening attempting to log-on) so they shouldn't even mention it. Geez. But yes, I'm back on the online chupping trail! Hopefully this means I'll get on the points scoreboard for THHC for May and be more prompt in responding to comments. And it also means I'll be able to ramp up my PPP endeavours, which died a rather quick death after my first post lately. This is so +ve chi! YAATTAAA!

In other news, I'm reminded of how short life can be as my uncle was diagnosed this week with cancer - in three places, lung, kidney and liver. He's not at the critical stage so the doctors have recommended commencing chemotherapy ASAP. I don't know how the family's taking it, but will probably be going to visit them over the weekend. Love life, don't take it for granted.

Lots of other things in my mind, but just haven't had the time to sit down, sort it out and write it out. I miss my blogging therapy. I'm so glad I'm finally back after nearly a month of restriction!

12 spins:

kyh said...

yippie u r back!!! chup chup chup!!!

u shud call streamyx and to bug them... that wud quicken their pace to restore ur connection. i did that too when i was frustrated with the connections.

so sorry to hear about ur uncle's condition. hope that he'll conquer it. all the best to him. :)

a^ben said...

welcome back~ :D

L B said...

Welcome back to blogging, to chupping, to YATTAAAing, to PPPing, to imperial reporting, to scandals, to Lormaikais, to broomsticks, to tiramisu, to love, to want, to hate, and to kiss.. Sorry to hear about your Uncle. Life is definitely short, no matter what anyone says.. especially if it's cancer.. *Gives you lots +ve Chi HUGS*

zewt said...

welcome back and sorry to hear about your uncle... life is indeed fragile... so ... cherish it!

Simple American said...

You trying to be like me Rinnah! Please don't. I like to find your new posts.

Wish you uncle a good therapy and speedy recovery. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow.

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 hugs for being the first to chup chup chup!!!

Hehehe... I will... next time. Oops! Hope there won't be a next time!

Thanks for your concern!

a^ben: 3 welcome back hugs for you!!

l b: 1 very +ve chi YAATTAAA hug for you!

The Imperial Spindoctor is in... hehehe. What's new today?

zewt: Yup, life is fragile... let's have no regrets living life, ya?

simple american: Hehehe... monkey read monkey do? *giggles* There'll be lots of new posts to find from now on, I promise!

Winn said...

glad to know u r back. stay the same ok!

Winn said...

dont worry..hugs for u

may said...

great to have you back in action! hope your uncle's life is prolonged with chemo. cancer is tough... *hugs*

zewt said...

most certainly... :)

rinnah said...

winn: I am glad to be back! *hugs*

may: It feels good to be back in action! *spin spin spin* LOL!

Cancer is so prevalent in society nowadays. *sigh* I hope he will be able to overcome this tough situation.

zewt: Make sure you do! *wink*

Anonymous said...

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