Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Too tired to try

It's one of those days again.

Tired of...

The environment I'm in.
Dealing with people I dislike.
Having to settle for what I have.
Having to be upbeat all the time.
Having to babysit incompetent people.
Shouldering responsibilities that are not mine.
Not being able to tell someone how I truly feel.
Having to lower my standards and preferences to fit in.
Not having any intellectual stimulation in conversations.
Communicating with people who are as dense as brick walls.
Trying to fit in where I clearly stand out like a sore thumb.
Trying to find some commonality with people I have no affinity for.
People misconstruing my tiredness and non-communication for being in a bad mood.
Being ridiculed because of others' insecurity (so that they feel better about themselves).

All this tiredness is giving me a headache. Bah.

I miss my friends. The ones who know where I'm coming from. People I can really talk to. We share the same interests, likes and dislikes. Folks who are cut from the same cloth, from the same mold, etc etc etc. It's horribly lonely to be surrounded by people who are different from you.

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angeles said...

Let go of the bad chi..
Focus on letting go..
Go home and sleep..
Or go for a massage..
Wake up to a new day tomorrow..
You won't feel so tired..
Look at things on the bright side..
You still hv a job..
And income is coming in..
And your makeover..
And your SKII's..
Let go of the bad chi...

Aihhh.. I suck in poems.. :(

*perk-you-up hugz*

giddy tigress said...

chuppity cepat cepat chup!!!

giddy tigress said...

I can totally relate to this post! Can I copy and paste? *just kidding*

Collin said...

jiejie's day sounds horrible...why not try to suck thumb and sleep like turtle? works for me! cheer up and laugh the day away!

L B said...

Have a Lormaikai, with a pot of hot chinese tea, sipping slowly, watch the world go by, no haste, no waste, hum the HEROES signature tune to yourself, ask the waiter for a foot massage, grab a chinese newspaper and pretend to read it, then order another lormaikai..

*I am trying to cheer you up*

rinnah said...

angeles: Bawl! No more SKII! Promotion over liao! *sobz* Haha. I guess I should be happy of what I already have.

giddy tigress: Hehe.. of course you can 'garfield' the post!

collin: I think I shall sleep like a turtle tonight! Where's my blankey? I wanna go beddy-bye...

l b: That sounds so nice and relaxing! When are you coming back so we can do that? Hang out and watch the world go by... said...

sucks eh? definitely does. hmm.. don't worry. plan a holiday and get away from it all!

leah said...

hi, rinnah. I have a tag for you have a nice day!

rinnah said... Yeah, it sucks! I need hyppy pills... and I don't have enough moolah for another holiday! Boo.

leah: Hi there! A tag for me, sure thing. I'll get to it sometime... hopeully soon. Heh. Thanks for tagging me!

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