Friday, April 11, 2008

On endless repeat

The latest editions to my favorite-st song list - the ones that are running on endless repeat on my laptop.


(Excuse the scantily clad Mariah, please. I couldn't find a better MTV version of this song.)

~ Favorite bit of lyrics ~
Honestly, I know it's silly of me
To want you so badly
But keep it concealed
See my inferiority complex kicks in
And the words escape me
And I'm paralyzed...

And how I wish you only knew
What I feel inside for you
You probably haven't got a clue
But I wish you knew
How I love you, baby


So She Dances by Josh Groban

~ Favorite bit of lyrics ~
So she dances
In and out of the crowd like a glance
This romance is
From afar calling me silently

I can't keep on watching forever
And I'm givin' up this view just to tell her


I love the lyrics and melody for both songs. Gives me the goosebumps (ala Paula Abdul) every time. Heh.

The weirdest thing is, I've had both these albums for ages but never really listened to them. And for these songs to pop up now, when they are probably most relevant, is so weird it isn't even funny anymore. Now excuse me while I go into emo mode...

9 spins:

L B said...

Hey, I think emo is good, sometimes.. Gives you time to reflect on what might have been, or what could be.. to be scantily clad or not, that is the question.. I just realized I don't have that song in my library! Uncle Joe!! Ho Ho Joe!!

L B said...

Gah! Uncle Joe no got I wish I knew!! How come? How can? said...

omg!! i didn't know josh has a new song!! listening to it now.. his voice can catch people's attention.

mistipurple said...

emo is good, sometimes, i garfield lb, lol.
being alive means having all the emo shit mah. :p

giddy tigress said...

emo always good what...mp3 got?

Anonymous said...

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L B said...

Trinity says she wants to come here, but can't, so I am saying hello for her..

mudpie said...

emo is good .. and i agree with LB 101% hehehe .. emo makes me stronger and tougher .. so i think that is okay right???

happy monday sweetie!!

rinnah said...

l b: Hahaha... to be scantily clad or not? That's not what emo-ing is about! You wanna the song? I send to you want? It's lovely... I can get so carried away with his voice.

mistipurple: Kakaka. You garfield you! Yaloh. Only if one is alive and feeling something can one be emo.

giddy tigress: So are you enjoying the mp3s yet? Hehe.

anonymous: Glad you like my site!

l b: What happened to Trinity? :o)

mudpie: Hehe, I hope I can become stronger and tougher instead of wimpier!