Friday, April 18, 2008

Eye am so blur!

I oh-so-brilliantly tried to take out my eyeball this morning.

No kidding! (This is so going into the annals of rinnah's dumb blonde moments. Heh.) I blame it on the fog of sleep that normally renders me a bit zombified immediately upon waking until about one hour later (or when I intake food, whichever comes first).

See, I was putting on my contacts this morning and somehow or other, managed not to notice that I'd dropped one side (how it happened beats me! I really thought it was in my eye...). As I was putting on my makeup, I thought that something was a bit "off" since I couldn't see clearly out of one eye, and wrongly assumed that I had put in the lens "terbalik" (or reverse side, for those who don't understand Malay). Why on earth I would think that is beyond my comprehension - told you I can't think straight first thing in the morning.

So there I was, attempting to take out a lens that wasn't even in my eye! -_-" Luckily I didn't do anything sillier to my eye before I realized that I was trying to take out my eyeball. Bleh.

Anyways, I located the errant lens on the floor once I figured out what I was doing wrong, and if you wanna know, my eye is perfectly fine. Not even red at all, for which I'm eternally grateful as I have sensitive peepers that can't stand prolonged use of lenses on a normal basis.

Really, I should do less challenging things in the morning!

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giddy tigress said...

Oh no!! That is just too funny! Reminds me that I have a pair of colored lenses waiting for me to try on though.
On an unrelated but related note, I used the word "zombiefied" a few days ago too, to describe how sleepy I was.

L B said...

Oh wow!! You're even more blonde than me! Wait, no, you're not. I don't even have contact lens. But I can assure you that I am pretty zombiefied right now, which is normal first thing in the morning.. I am a blood orange.

Tine said...

My dear girl, this happens to me even when I'm not just out of bed! Can't remember the number of times I tried to "pluck" my eyeball out. Hurts like hell because I have long fingernails as well.

I feel for ya ;)

mistipurple said...

i so shouldn't... be.. laughing.
you really shouldn't make tragic events sound so funny. :p

rinnah said...

giddy tigress: Colored lenses? What color are they? I was just telling an ex-colleague that I love grey colored lenses - they make me feel like Liv Tyler! Not like I'm anywhere as pretty as she is though. Lawl.

l b: Ahahaha... you, blonde? No way! Blood orange suits you better. Heh.

tine: Hehehe... this is the first time it happened to me leh. I can't imagine how bad it'll hurt with long fingernails! Aiyo!

mistipurple: Heh. Making you laff is my specialty mah. *hugs*

giddy tigress said...

What sheer coincidence! My contact lenses ARE indeed GREY!!! The ladt told me it would suit me fine...must try SOON.

Doreen said...

Haha, don't worry, you're not the only one here! I've done it too but quite different situation. I was trying to take my lens off at the end of a tiring day. I forgot I already took the right one out but still kept trying to take it out. Lucky I didn't end up taking my eyeball out. that I think of it also makes me shiver.

pelf said...

I have had a few of such episodes when I started using contact lenses. But it has been a decade, so I'm very much used to it :D

kyh said...

Luckily you're not as bimbo as Xiaxue. Hahahaaaa

A word of caution. There's a report that prolonged use of contact lens can cause blindness in the long run.

rinnah said...

giddy tigress: Woot! I had a feeling they would be grey! Show me pix when you try 'em?

doreen: LOLOL! How much of a coincidence would it be if I told you that it also happened to my right eye?

pelf: Wow! A decade? *salute* Did you start with the permanent lenses? I had those many years back (around ten plus years ago, I think) and they hurt my eyes because they were so thick and hard!

kyh: Ahahaha. I think I'm not as bad as her, but sometimes she's so OTT that it seems a bit... premeditated? Ooo. That's a scary report. KFC it does not happen!