Friday, April 25, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

Yup, checked off the list of movies I intend to watch this year. Yeah!

You should watch The Forbidden Kingdom if :
a) You are a Jet Li fan;
b) You are a Jackie Chan fan;
c) You like kungfu movies (in particular American ones); or
d) You can name all the different kungfu styles when you see them.

I fall into three categories out of the four above. Go guess which one I'm not. LOL.

I went into the cinema hall with no expectations, preferring instead to be surprised and surprised I was! It's not your typical kungfu kungfu movie, it's more like a mixture of epic movie feel meets silly kungfu slapstick meets American style B grade cult movie. Before you start rolling your eyes and thinking that it's a bad combo, rest assured it's not. Otherwise how could it be a top grossing movie in the US? Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon it definitely is not. Maybe more Kung Pow. Hahaha.

Without giving away any spoilers, let's just say that there's quite a bit of fighting going on. Jet Li vs baddie. Jackie Chan vs baddies. Jackie Chan vs Jet Li. The best part was when they started "showing off" their different kungfu styles... I just wish the one on one fight scenes lasted longer. I really need to get me the DVD when it comes out so that I can replay the fight scenes in slow-mo. Heh.

I must say that China has this never-ending supply of pretty young actresses. *grin* Liu Yifei has this sweet, unassuming innocence and it's no wonder why she was chosen to be Xiaolongnu in a China version of the Condor Heroes. I can only wish I looked like her! Now I wonder if I can find a bootleg copy of this series from Uncle Ho?

Anyway, the verdict on The Forbidden Kingdom is two thumbs up from me and you should go watch it! You'll get a good laugh out of it. Just don't go with any preconceived notions about what the movie is about.

Other must see movies :
~ The Other Boleyn Girl
~ Definitely Maybe
~ Dance of the Dragon

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angeles said...

Come May, Blockbuster Attack!!!

L B said...

I will have to wait for Uncle Ho in KL.. No point in even trying for Uncle Joe over here.

Like me, the category you're not in must be D) You can name all the different kungfu styles when you see them..

I can only name one:


PB said...

I don't fall in any of the 4 categories but I want to see it anyway :) Thanks for the review!

kyh said...

i think it looks nice! love the movie poster.... like some indiana jones movies like that. and speaking of indiana jones, man, i wanna watch that movie! will wait for uncle ho too... :P

Leon said...

I saw it too! Was distracted a lot by a particular characters hairy chest. Hahahha. Worth watching because I'm a big fan of Jet Li and Jackie but was really sad it was so short though

More action I want more. I was watching Hero, Fearless and all my favorite kung fu flicks before this. I must say only Jet Li vs Jackie was nice!!! So nice

Oh that girl she is so so so pretty....

giddy tigress said...

I unfortunately do not fall into any of the categories wor... but if it's got humor, then I'm game.

adrian said...

How come the china dolls here are never that hot looking wan arh? :P

rinnah said...

angeles: Come May, it's Indy month! Woot! (Although I fear that half my enjoyment will be taken away by the sight of an aging Harrison Ford...)

l b: Faster come back to Kay-elle! We wait for you! No, the category I'm not in is not D! I can name my kungfu styles when I see 'em! Try again...

pb: It's quite funny! Do go watch it!

kyh: Indy Jones is coming back to the silver screen in May! Book your tix now! LOL.

leon: Whose hairy chest? Ahahaha. Yup, I was a bit disappointed that the entire movie was so short! They could've made it longer by about 10 - 15 minutes. And more action would've been great! Jet Li's my hero. Ahahaha. Liu Yifei's so pretty hor?

giddy tigress: Not even one category? Gawsh, I should put more choices in then! It's quite funny - any movie with Jackie Chan in it is never completely serious wan...

adrian: Because only the c & d grade china dolls come here! Ahahaha.

Leon said...

Didn't you notice the hair? Especially when the pretty girl was lying in the arms of that particular guy and they zoomed in so close to her face but forgot to realise that his hairy chest is there too. So disgusting!! I couldn't even look at the pretty girl because of that hahaha

Oh yes she is really pretty, but not the type I would go for hahaha

rinnah said...

leon: No wor... I was busy looking at the pretty girl. Lawl. So pretty also not your type ah? Then what are you looking for? *grin*

Simple American said...

I prefer you as my padawan to her.

Though she does give me more reason to watch this flick than Jackie Chan. :P

This is on my to see list when I can find it.

Leon said...

He he. Its the inside that matters ma right?

Actually leh I prefer those who can sing! and not so skinny. hehe but not like the opera size in your head right now :P

rinnah said...

simple american: Awww... Master, I'm so touched! Do see it when you can!

leon: Ahahaha... true, but a pretty exterior also helps. Right? LOL. You want a singer? Hmm. How about an American Idol then? Kelly Clarkson not that skinny too. Hehehe.

Leon said...

Yeah that would be nice!!

rinnah said...

leon: Okay set! Kelly Clarkson it is then!