Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Superhero me!

Picked up this uber-cool meme from a blog I was visiting, daphnemaia. Since I have NBTB (Nothing Better To Blog), why not try out this meme? *grin*

1. Superhero power I want :
Tele-kinesis. Just like Professor X and Jean Grey from X-Men.

2. Why? :
It's so cool to be able to manipulate weaker minded beings objects just using my mind. It would make mind-blogging so much faster too! Plus, I can fly. LOL. That's the only reason I went with tele-kinesis instead of opting for the Force, even though lightsabers are a pretty cool weapon.

3. Downside of this power :
Can't do it too often or else I'll blow my cover. That and having friends and family be suspicious if I'm just being me or secretly manipulating them. Oh, and there's also the risk of turning into the Dark Phoenix. Lawl.

4. My superhero nickname :
I can't think of a cool superhero nick. Anyone want to help me out here?

5. My motto :
Object matters not.

6. Sworn enemy :
People who wanna make me do things I don't wanna do. Malaysian road builders who keep on changing the lanes in the road and build never-ending highways. Ahahaha.

7. Official vehicle :
Supersonic jet so I don't have to fight traffic?

8. Day job:
Behavioural therapist. So that I blend in with all the kooks and weirdos and don't stand out.

Come on, I wanna know if these people will join the superhero or supervillian team...

L B (My favorite taggee! Can't wait to see his interpretation of this tag.)
Giddy Tigress (I'm her favorite taggee! So I tag her back lor. Hehe.)
Misha (She'd make the cutest superheroine evah!)
Ehon (Hmm, I wonder if he'd be really really good or really really bad?)
Ah Boy (I want to know if canines have superhero / supervillian aspirations...)

7 spins:

giddy tigress said...

I chup first because I got tagged...going to read what I have been tagged with now....

giddy tigress said...

Have you seen the cheesey Who Wants to be a Superhero program? *thinking of name for telekinetic Rinnah...*

L B said...

Oooo, more Super Stuff!!! Must plan, must plan! Kakaka... No, I won't be the KakaMan!

That is a good power to have, telekinesis. You can make Lormaikais so easily! And have your very own iPhones!!

Thanks for the Tag, Rinnx!!

Collin said...

errm...no need hero name leh...jean grey also plain jean oni....it does sound better than marvel girl..*bleh*...

methinks LB's Rinxx sounds cool. ;-P

Leon said...

Cool tag! I want to be like Peter Petrelli from heroes absorbing all your powers muahahahaha

ehonchan.com said...

i read this entry in the evening but was too caught up with my pharm assignment. now my head stuck liao. haihss! anyway, thanks for the tag. :D

rinnah said...

giddy tigress: I was actually thinking of Who Wants to be a Superhero when I did this tag! *high 5*

l b: LOLOL! No, I didn't think you'd be the KakaMan. Maybe the AppleMan? Hehe, is that my new superhero nick?

collin: You wanna do the tag? Your very first tag?

leon: Haha... Peter's not too bad. At least you didn't say you wanna be Sylar!

ehonchan.com: No worries! Get cracking on your pharm assignment first! Tag comes later. LOL.