Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why increase the toll?

I am seriously wondering to myself why toll rates need to be increased every few years in Malaysia when the toll operators are making good profit. This recent article by states that the net profit of PLUS Expressway is up by 4% to RM1.1 billion for the year ending 31 December 2006. That's some serious money to me, not chump change.

Although the recent toll hike on 01 January 2007 did not affect any of PLUS' highways, it still predicts a minimum of 15% growth from new business by next year-end and an increase of 30% in km of tolled roads by 2009. That can only mean more money, right? And I'm sure that the profit making is not limited to PLUS alone. The other toll operators should be more than breaking even, judging by the number of cars using tolled roads daily. So why does the government still need to compensate /subsidize them by the millions?

It's also a well known fact that you pay the toll to sit in another traffic jam, instead of escaping the jam. Shouldn't problems like this be solved first before the price goes up? Technically, yes, but nothing has been done. LDP (Litrak) motorists still crawl day in day out, and my housing area in Cheras is seriously affected by the toll hike since the Grand Saga motorists have taken to using all the back roads possible to avoid paying RM1.90 (one-way) to get to KL.

No wonder the people protested.

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L B said...

I just wanna wish you all the best in your new adventure tomorrow..

may said...

tolls are everywhere here too in Sydney, but because I take public transport, I don't feel it at all. it's already expensive enough as it is for a weekly pass, eek!

*I miss American Idol... sigh*

Simple American said...

Maybe if you put some machineguns on the hood you dun have to pay.

In my part of the world they put up toll roads and they said the toll is just to pay for the road. Well the road has been paid for more than once. Why are we still paying? Answer anyone?

Jo said...

How is your first day @ work? ;)

rinnah said...

lb: Many thanks for the good wishes. I certainly need it!

may: Tolls are universal... maybe it's some kind of virus infecting governments... We must have a toll (cold)... Hahaha.

No Idol in Oz-land? How come? But you can always get the updates online, even though it's not the same as hearing them.

simple american: That sounds like a good idea, except for the fact that I'd get arrested for doing that! LOL!

Psst... the person who invented the idea of tolled roads should be shot (with the machineguns mounted on the hood of simple american's vehicle...) LOL!

jo: Thanks for dropping by my blog! First day at work was a little traumatic. Haha. How was your first day?