Monday, February 05, 2007

People Against The Toll Hike

While journeying to Puchong yesterday to visit my uncle, I was caught in a massive traffic jam at the flyover junction near to Tai Thong Imperial Palace. Policemen were everywhere, halting traffic nilly willy and adding to the congestion. Cars simply were not moving, and it took maybe 10 minutes to move 200m. The reason for all the jam? Curious onlookers and cars slowing down to "kay poh" at the crowd outside the Puchong police station (behind Imperial Palace), the many policemen, and the 3 - 4 Federal Reserve Unit trucks that were parked outside the police station.

When I ventured into Puchong, it was around 6pm. Coming out for dinner at 8pm, the massive traffic jams had only eased slightly, and it took us nearly 20 mins to navigate our way through the u-turn at Imperial Palace. The policemen were still standing around, as were the FRU trucks - therefore, people slowed to look. Only when we left Puchong after 10pm had the jams magically disappeared, as had the policemen and FRU trucks.

A quick look at the newspaper today revealed the reason behind the mysterious traffic jam. Apparently a group of protesters had gathered at nearby IOI Mall to protest the recent LDP toll hike - a 60% increase from RM1 to RM1.60 - and had been arrested as a result.

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may said...

dang, and I missed all the action! the toll hike certainly is a huge jump. 20% is still ok, but 60%... ouch.

rinnah said...

May: No action to see, just traffic jam! LOL. But yeah, 60% is so painful on the pocket... luckily I don't stay near to the LDP. :o)